Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

 Who would not want a 1960s pocket protector full of pens and pencils from the 60s for Christmas? Show up to work or school after Christmas sporting a pocket protector full of pens and pencils.
Starting on the left we have a Hasbro 6" plastic ruler. Then we have a green and blue BIC F-25s along with a red medium BIC. A ball point pen must be in the protector along with a Sheaffer School fountain pen. A BIC AF-49 Accountant Pen in blue would be required. Next would be your Scripto K780 and last is a Sterling Plastic 6" Slide Rule. What else would you need? Have a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Stuff Around The Desk

Most all these items have been on the blog before but I am now keeping them around my desk. Top left are my best Scripto K780s , K760s and K750s. To the right are more K780s plus T220 pens and P360 pencils plus a few others.  Bottom left are my BICs for the desk to include collector additions, Auto pens and the metal BIC pen. Last are the Cross Solos. These are not made any more but are available on EBay and can be bought for a nice price. I think I have all the colors. Add all these pens to your collection.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December New Itens

Lets start on the left with my newest Nock pen holder. This one is the Lookout and has turned out to be one of my favorite. On top is a brand new 1980s Pentel PSD5. The one I had broke so Santa came through. Next is a niece Papermate Profile and a Executive refillable Flair. Every collection should have one of these. Cross refills are required to get the Flair working. Then we have a new Parker Jotter with a Indian pattern on the barrel. This should put me at at about 51 different Parker Jotters in the collection. Next is a Hi Tec C Coleto, white with gold trim from JetPens. Last is a Kickstarter project I signed up for. Most of the Kickstarter pens that I have been getting all use a Pilot Hi Tec C refill. I like those but sometimes I would prefer a wider point. This Takumi pens fits the bill. They list 50 different refills that will work in this pen and I have found a few more. You use the wrench to screw in the back of the pen to fit short or long refills I am using a Pentel EnterGel 0.5mm refill. Add all these great items to your collection and Please have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Desk 2014

I still have plenty of stuff to post but I was thinking I should show my desk where all these office and school items must pass. Can I get any work done? Yes I can but it take a while to get started. There must be 300 or 400 items on my desk and it it hard to keep up with it. The picture does not show the walls full of stuff or the cabinets to the right and left of the desk. I am currently working on some animal ordinances here in Killeen so I have other things to do. I can still sit at my desk and look for that one pen or pencil that is not in it's place. Hope your desk is cleaner and add all this great stuff to your collection.

Friday, November 21, 2014

New Items

Here we have some new items in the Supply Room. Top left is a plastic pen stand that has the map of the US. I would think from the 50s or 60s. To the right is a new pencil in the Supply Room. A Kickstater item called a Stalwart Pencil. I think this is 3.5mm lead and the pencil came with four leads and a ballpoint pen. Made from Maple Burlword so each pencil will look different. It is a big lead but is is fun to use. Below left is the Ambition Field Notes that I saw over at Unposted. Last are two items I got from JetPens. The white 60th Anniversary Parker Jotter and the 80th Anniversary Rhodia notebook and pencil. All good stuff.
Here are two of the plastic pen holders I got from Office Depot as they close their doors. Check your local store and get yours.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wearever Ball Pens

Two items to show in this picture. First is the great counter top pen display from Wearever up on the wall. Mad Men folks found this item and I put new refills in all the pens.This cardboard display was in great shape. Then other item is the Lamy and Tradio pens. They are in a new display case I got from the closing of our local Office Depot store here in Killeen. The stores were bought by Office Max and are being closed out. You should go by your local Office Depot and see what they are selling. I bought the Schneider Pen floor display to get these plastic 30 slot pen displays. There are four of these in a Schneider Pen floor display. I paid $25.00 for the stand and all I wanted was the four pen displays. Go by and get yours. Add all this great stuff to your collection.

Friday, November 7, 2014

New BIC 4 and 2 Way Pens

We are running out of space. Added four new pens to this case and it is now full. On the top row I added the short green 4 way BIC. Pastel colors just like the other green 4 ways. The first 21 pens on the top row are all 4 way BICs. Last three on the top row and the first nine BICs and the second row are 2 way BICs. Second row number 7-9 are the new BIC 2 ways in blue, pink and yellow. Don't see BIC 2 ways here in the US but they do seem to be popular overseas. There are so many BICs out there that another case may be in order. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Pencil Box

I have posted the Sterling Plastic Pencil Box on the left before. The Sterling Box is model #622. Then I find the other boxes made by Empire Pencil Corporation. Never seen them before.The boxes from Empire look just like the Sterling Plastic box.They are even called the same thing "Multiplier Pencil Box".  What a find.The Empire boxes are made in Hong Kong but still they are great boxes. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roll Top Plastic Pencil Boxes

Here are some of my favorite plastic pencil boxes, the Roll Tops. All three are made in the USA. The first two are made by the Hasbro Company.  I have not been able so far to find model numbers for Hasbro Pencil Boxes but the middle one seeem to have been made to look like the one on the right. The pencil box on the right is the Sterling Plastic model 526 which included pencils an eraser and a Sterling Plastic Model 525 6" plastic ruler.  The Hasbro boxes also come with ruler and pencils. Prices are high on these type boxes. The Hasbro boxes go anywhere from $25.00 on up and the Sterling Plastic Pencil Box starts at $65.00 for used ones and still on the card boxes go for about $125.00 on up. Mine was used but in great shape.

These boxes had all you needed for elementary school anywhere. Pencils, colored pencils, rulers and a sharpener. Add them all to your collection.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pentel Clic Erasers

Here we have my Pentel Clic Eraser collection. Pentel just came out with their new ZE23s and it is a great addition to the line up. Top left are three of my orginal ZE21s. I started collecting these erasers in the mid 70s. Number four is the ZE21 with the red eraser and hot colors, next is a Pentel Rock 'N Write ZE21MB. Next two are the translucent ZE21Ts with the new S pocket clip. Last in the row is the ZE22. Right top is a solid color ZE15 Ain Clic followed by a translucent Ain Clic ZE15. Below that is a solid blue Pentel Tri Eraser ZE-15 followed by a green translucent Tri Eraser ZE-15. Below that is a Pentel ZE32 Hyperaser and then a yellow squared ZE80. Now we come to the new ZE23 erasers. These have a clear plastic body and a colored eraser. They come in purple, pink, green and blue.

These are a great addition to any collection and work just fine. I am glad to see Pentel come out with a new eraser in great colors. Add all these great erasers to your collection.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sterling Plastic Pencil Sharpener

Well I broke down and bought the Sterling Plastic Apollo Space Capsule #506. Back in January of 2013 I posted this rocket that rides on the back of a Lionel train car with a capsule that only had SP stamped on the back. At the time the original #506 was out of my price range. I found one the other day with a good price so I jumped. The capsule is the most expensive of the small Sterling Plastic pencil sharpeners. Add one to your collection.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mad Men Returns Part 2

Well here we have the whole box that I received from the folks at Mad Men. They not only returned the items I had sent them over the past four years but some items that they picked up for the show.

Yes that is a autographed picture of Jon Hamm. I asked for that. We also have a very nice Wearever counter top display for their ball point pens. There are also two salesmen sample sets of ball point pens.

Here we have a Hasbro ruler and pencil case along with a gun pencil case still on the card. We have two old Carters Marks-A-Lot markers. Pencil case and a protractor.

Here are more protractors, Flair pens, Scripto pencils, ink refills and pencil cases. There is a Lindy pen up on top. All good stuff.

Here are the pens. I still need to go through them all but there are about 25 Parker Jotters, Sheaffer ball point pens and Scripto pens. They kept track of all this stuff by taking pictures of the items and putting them in plastic zip lock bags. Seems to have worked well. May do a give-away of some of these nice old pens from Mad Men. Add all this stuff to your collection.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Retrurns From Mad Men Part 1

Here we have some of my best carded items from the past that came from Mad Men. Starting on the left we have the Scripto Action Pen T220 and a Woodpicker highlighter. Next is a Rocket Porous Point Pen with a great set of sun glasses on the card. Then we have the Scripto Graffiti Felt Tip Marking Pen. Last is a Scripto Twiggy with Love Pen. All came from Mad Men except the Scripto Action Pen. Next post I will show the whole box that I got in the mail from Mad Men. Add them all to your collection.

We Have A Winner

We have a winner to our first GiveAway of the Year. Number Nine, Gabby Ng come on down. You take top prize so email me at with a mailing address. But today you are all winners because I have enough Scripto K780s and K770s for everybody. If all of you will send me your mailing address at and tell me if you would like a red translucent K780 or a solid color K770. I have the solid color K770s in black, blue and red. Remember,the Scripto K780 was the translucent color pencil and the K770 had the solid color. Same pencil. I do want to thank everybody who took the time to sign up and also thank you for reading the blog.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our First Giveaway Of The Year

Time for a giveaway. Starting on the left we have a Pentel brushed aluminium SR-10-03A Ceramicron pen with two refills. This is a discontinued item from Pentel. Many of you like the fine point and this refillable pen has it. From the 80s. Next is a Scripto K780 pencil from my box of pencils returned to me from Mad Men.  Brand new with a soft eraser. Next is a BIC Citation Ball Point Pen. Should still work fine. Last is a Hero 616 Doctor which is a copy of a Parker 51. There will be a few more items in the bag and for the first time we are going to open this giveaway up to everybody. All you need to do is sign on as a follower and leave a comment. I will pick the winner on 7 Sept 2014 close of business.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Parker Jotter At 48

Well it has taken a few years but I finally got to 48 Parker Jotters in my collection. The new ones are the three new colors from JetPens on the bottom right along with the compact Jotter. Top row in the center is the forest green Jotter and top right is a cream colored Jotter from Mad Men. Next post I will start showing what was returned to me from the great people at Mad Men since filming is now over. Add all these Jotters to your collection.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Pentel PSD5 Pencil

 It took some time to get my hands on a Pentel PSD5 Pencil and here it is. This one was used and was missing a cap over the eraser and it does not work without the cap. I contact Ginger Goode who is the Consumer Quality Assurance Manager at Pentel of America and she found me the part. What a great pencil and a big thanks to Ginger. The pencil is listed in my 1985 Pentel Catalog so the pencil has been around at least that long.

Here we have both of my favorite vanishing point pencils. Top one is the Pilot H-2005 and on the bottom is the Pentel PSD5. I don't know who was first but there have been plenty of variations of this Pilot and there has only been one Pentel. Both are great pencils and highly collectible. Add them both to your collection.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Unisonic Caclulators

Unisonic always was a good bet when it came to calculators for school and work. I would buy them at my local K-Mart store. Of all the Unisonic calculators and there were many, I always liked the small 940. I had a 940 with me all during my career in the military.Top row are the 940s. First one is a 940, than a 940 A and a 940B. Variations are in the key layout. All three have green LED numbers. Bottom row are the 911, 911L and the 931. The 911 has green LED display and the 911L has a red display. The 931 also has a green LED display. 911 and the 931 have the square root key. These are all great calculators from the 70s. They were made in both Japan and Taiwan. Add them all to your collection.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bostitch Executive Stapler

Bostitch has been making office staplers and other office supplies since 1914 to include a large selection of industrial staplers and punch machines. Here we have their executive 6" desk stapler which has a pocket clip on the top left side and an stapler puller on the top right side. Uses standard staples and would be a nice item for your desk. Add one to your collection.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

LIndy Pens 2014

Here is my Lindy Pen collection to date. I have added a few individual pens but it is getting harder to find that Lindy pen I may be missing. Right now I am looking for a yellow and a silver Lindy Utility pen. Last week I got an email from lady wanting to buy a Lindy pen. It seems that 30 years ago while her parents were writing down potential names for their daughter her father looked at the pen he was using. He was using his favorite Lindy pen and so she was named Lindy. What a great name for his daughter. Add all these great pens to your collection.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sheaffer 300 Roller Ball Pen

I have been posting Sheaffer pens from the 60s for years but I was given the opportunity to try out a Sheaffer 300 Roller Ball with the dark blue resin barrel from penchalet. This pen is a little heavier then the Sheaffer pens from the 60s but once the cap is posted it is surprising well balanced and frankly does not seem to weight more than any other pen. I have been using the pen for the past week and the pen rides fine in my shirt pocket. The cap posts to the body of the pen with a light click and stays in place. As with many of the Sheaffer pens this one has the spring loaded pocket clip and the signature white dot. Ron Manwaring at sent me this beautiful Sheaffer 300 Roller Ball and what a nice pen it is.

Here are the parts to this roller. The Sheaffer refill is one of the best around. I have been using roller balls since the mid 70s and this is one of the nicest writing pens I have used. I would like to thank Ron Manwaring from penchalet for sending this pen my direction. Add one of these to your collection.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sterling Plastic #526 Roll Top Pencil Box

The Supply Room is one of the few places where you can find posts about Sterling Plastic. They were one of the last makers of office and school supplies in the US. Not the only one but they were one of the biggest. I still remember the Sterling Plastic school supplies in my local TG&Y. They are gone now but their items can be found on eBay and garage sales, antique stores all over the country. I have a very large collection of their office and school supplies but one item that has been missing was the #526 Roll Top Pencil Box. I have never seen it go for less than $100.00 and there have always been plenty of bidders. Now I have one. This one is used but in great shape.
This #526 is almost complete. There are three pencils with a SP# pencil sharpener and a 6" SP #525 plastic ruler. A small eraser that would be hard as a rock by now should also be in the box. The older roll top pencil boxes made by Sterling Plastic and Hasbro are very collectible. Add one to your collection.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pentel Rolling Writer Desk Set

Here we have a Pentel Rolling Writer Desk Set. Not sure of the date because the set is not exactly like the ones in the 1884 catalog on the right. This one has plastic wood grain pens on a marble base. I loaded one pen with black Pentel slim roller refill and the other with a green slim roller refill. These are very collectible because they are a great addition to any desk. The hard part are the refills. It appears that Pentel only makes the black refills but you can still fine the other colors on ebay. Buyer beware because some of these refill are dry. Still a great item. The gold pen at the bottom of the catalog is R3000 10 micron gold plated slim roller. We are lucky enough to have one down in the Supply Room. Add all this great stuff to your collection.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1960s Parker VP Set

Friends of mine are doing some fostering for a few of my kittens and I was presented with this brand new Parker VP fountain pen and pencil. This set has never been used and has sat in the box since the early 60s. I put some blue ink in the pen and what a surprise. Smooth writing all the way. This fountain pen has an adjustable point that almost looks like a little ruler so you can just click it to the right or left. I like it straight up so I leave it alone. The 0.9mm pencil works fine. What a great gift. Add one to your fountain pen collection.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New ScanCard Director

Director Model
The most popular post by far in the Supply Room has been ScanCards and I have used them on and off for almost 20 years. I think you will like these new notebooks by McKinley Leather. This one is the Director model. All leather and when you open it up you have cards down both sides. No place for a notebook because the cards will replace your notebook. The small leather card holder is for your shirt pocket or purse.

You have 24 cards on each side with a slot for a pen. I am using a Lindy pen. I use the cards for projects but you can also color code your projects with red being the hot one of the day. You can go to and see all the differnet Scan Card sytems that are currently for sale. Thanks to Derek Williams for sending the new Director to the Supply Room for review. There is a good reason why this system is so popular, it works. Add one to your collection.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kickstarter Polar Pen

Here we have another successful Kickstarter project that I signed on for. The Polar Pen. To make this pen they use thirteen rare-earth magnets which come in three colors. This is the silver color pen and there is also a gold and a black. Refills are limited to the Pilot Hi Tec C which I am using an one of the Uni-ball refills. This pen has plenty of functions and lots of fun so go to for all the details. The one in the picture has the point of the pen under two magnets and the top of the pen would be a stylus under one magnet which I have removed. This pen is fun but it is also a very strong magnet and I have stuck myself to the back of my truck a few times. Add one to your collection.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pentel Sideclickers

Here we have my first set of Pentel Sideclickers. I had recently posted the clear ones. Now here are all ten together. I remember these from the late 70s when I was over in Germany. I was buying these great pencils at a local stationary store downtown Mainz Germany. The solid ones came out first. They are also great pencils to start a collection with. I started with these in the 70s and never looked back. These are all 0.5mm pencils.  Add these pencils to your collection.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

There is a New BIC In Town

I just got it in today. Posted these great medium point BIC PMs on 25 May but I did not have the rare green PM-39. Here she is. The pen is in great shape but did put a real dent in my allowance. The older BIC pens like these PMs are getting harder to find but the green ones seem to be down right rare. I am sure they were not the most popular BIC in the 60s and maybe early 70s so there was not that many out there. Start looking through those desks and see if you can find one. All these BICs can be refilled so add them all to your collection.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Lamy Coral Neon RollerBall

Not a lot to say here accept I do like this new neon Coral Neon Lamy. Great color. Lamy came out with two new colors this year. One being the Blue Green Al Star on the right and now the Neon Coral Safari at the bottom of the picture. The Coral one also comes in fountain pen and ball point. My collection is growing and yes the purple one is a Hero. Add all these new Lamys to your collection.

Monday, May 26, 2014

New BIC 4 Way Metallic Set

Here we have a nice set of the new BIC 4 ways in the metallic body colors. Most of these are in the stores but the metallic green seems to be the hardest to fine. Someone left a comment on an earlier post that Sam's Club had the green one. Still a nice package to display all five new pens. Add them all to your collection.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

BIC Medium Point PMs

Here we have my BIC medium point pen collection to date. Starting at the top we have a GM-39 Deluxe Med Point USA, then three Bell System M-39s.The next four blue ones are two different versions of the M-39s. Next is a PM-39 USA advertising BIC. Next two are the very nice PM-29s followed by the three very nice PM-39s. Just missing the green one. Next is the office property PM Medium point and last are the four PM Deluxe Medium Points. There are still plenty of Medium point missing from my collection and plenty of opportunities for you to add all these great BICs to your collection.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kickstarter Cut/Once Heirloom Ruler

This is one of six Kickstarter projects that I have signed up for. This is the Cut/Once Heirloom Wooden ruler. It is made to look like a cut off piece of baseboard trim and when laying flat will hold your pencil or pen. 15"long and and looks great. I picked out the orange one but it comes in four other colors. This is also the first time I have used two pictures on one post.

The numbers are laser engraved on the bottom of the ruler. Made of maple wood in Chicago. You can get one at  Add one to your collection.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reynolds Super Rocket

In October 1945 Miles Reynolds began selling his first Reynolds pens. The first one was called the International. Most of the metal components were made from war-surplus aluminum. In 1948 he decided to go out of business and walked away with $5 million bucks. He had a few different pens like the Reynolds rocket, Rockette and the Stubby Rocket. The one in the picture was called the Super Rocket and is a very large pen that held plenty of ink however they did have to be returned to the factory to be refilled. His pens never worked very well but he make some fast cash and a name for himself in ball point pen history. Add a Reynolds Rocket to your collection.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

More Flair Pens

Here we have more old Papermate Flair Pens. The best of this lot is the one in the middle which is the refillable Flair Pen. I posted my first one on 15 Jan 2014   Papermate Flair post. That pen is the green one next to the carded red one. What is interesting about these pens is that the green one has the word Papermate on the pocket clip with the two hearts but the red one has the word Flair on the pocket clip without the two hearts. The cards have the same picture of the couple but from a different angle. I loaded a Foray rollerball refill with modification into the red Flair and it works fine. I have a felt tip refill in the green one and a rollerball refill in the red one. I am ready to write. The other four Flairs are from the late 80s and will stay on the cards for the collection. Flairs were always great pens. Add them all to your collection.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lindy Pen School Pak

Here we have a great old school pak from Lindy. The packaging and the plastic seem to be in great condition. I would think from the 1960s. The handiest writing kit you've ever had! 1001 uses! This pak has a marble blue W-2 Lindy pen and a old version of their felt tip pen. Last is the memo pad for all your important notes. What great wording from the 60s. In the near future I will post the more current version of their felt tip pen which was a great marker to have. Plenty of other nice looking old and new pens in the picture. Add this Lindy school pak to your collection.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hampton Lock and a BIC Pen

Here we have a nice school combo of a Hampton combination lock for your school locker or bicycle and a BIC body heat wavelength pen. The body of the BIC pen changes colors as your hand heats up the pen. I have seen six packs of these pens on eBay and they are fun and refillable. These are from around 1991. Add them to your collection.

Monday, April 28, 2014

New Lamy Roller Ball

Here we have my Lamy Safari collection and my new Lamy Al-Star Roller. Starting on the left the first pen is a Hero fountain pen followed by three Lamy fountain pens. Next five are Lamy roller ball pens and the last roller is another purple Hero. My new one is the 2014 Lamy Al-Star blue-green roller. All the Lamy rollers use the same refill but as is so offen the case the Hero uses another size refill. Still waiting on Lamy to come out with a purple Safari or Al-Star. Add them all to your collection.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

More BICs and Scriptos

More BICs and scriptos for the collection. The two BICs on the left also have a stylus tips on them. The rest of the BICs are just old and are needed for the collection. The scripto pens are nice with their World Championship Wrestling theme from 1999.  Add them all to your collection.