Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parker Jotter at 20

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We made it to 20. There are more colors out there somewhere but for now we will be happy with 20. Add them all to your collection. Time to move on to other items.

Winners of the Pentel P217 and Scan Card Update

We have had plenty of good luck this year down in the supply room so I picked two winners for the Pentel P217 Pencil. Comment number 3 from Nandan and comment number 5 from Fred. If you two email me at with an address the pencils will be on their way. I also got this note from Gwen concerning the ScanCard system. She stated that If you're still interested in the Scan Card system, go to http:/ and let Derek Williams know. He and his father created the ScanCard system. We have had plenty of emails about this system down at the supply room so email Derek and let him know we would like to see the Scan Card system make a comeback. Thanks Gwen for the update.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Items For The Supply Room

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It has been another busy week down in the supply room with plenty of new stuff to post. On the top left I received a Pentel recycle bin with pentel pens from Derek who is just getting started with his collection. Next we have the pentel P217 pencils that I picked up. From Australia a four pack of Pentel R-50 rollers, a three pack of BIC clicks. The orange BIC click next to the pack is an original from about 40 plus years ago when these pens were sold here in the USA. The pen was disposable so not many have survived. As you can see they are still being made and sold overseas but not in the USA. Next is two packages of black and blue BIC fine point pens with the yellow barrels. Another pen that was sold in the USA but no more. Next we have 2 purple and 2 green BIC crystals from down under. The purple ones are outstanding. On the right is a set of 3 pens called Robotic pens by CCL. Have not had time to open them up. Add all these fine pens to your collection and again my thanks to Derek and Dora.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pentel Sharp P217 Give Away

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Here is a almost new Pentel Sharp P217 in navy blue. We found a few extras down in the supply room so why not give one away. I like the navy blue color of this Pentel Sharp P217 and I also like the.07mm lead. This pencil will make a nice addition to your collection. Lets leave a comment by Tuesday the 24th of August and I will take it from there and pick a winner. Just in time to start school.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parker Jotter Update

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Just an update on more colors for the Parker Jotter. Like many of you I do like the Jotter but for many years I could only find red,blue and black or maybe gray. Things have changed. Here are 14 colors, there are two purple ones and they are both 50th anniversary models with no feathers on the pocket clip. I have located two more colors but they are not on hand yet. Still this is a nice start on a great collection. Add them all to yours.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 School Supplies

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Its that time again to go looking for school supplies. Here is what I have picked up so far. The big set is a Pentel with 35ea S360 marker pens and 5ea S512 Highlighters which I have not seen before. Got the set on EBay for $2.00 plus shipping. The 3 items on the bottom left are from Big Lots. I go by each year and always pick something up. The Papermates are new this year and are nice. The pencils are .07mm and look like a Tikky. The pencils also come in .05mm and have a white body. The Papermate ball point pens are all metal and are also nice. The three pens in the bag are from Mad Men and are being repaired and sent back to them. Add them all to your collection.