Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

 Who would not want a 1960s pocket protector full of pens and pencils from the 60s for Christmas? Show up to work or school after Christmas sporting a pocket protector full of pens and pencils.
Starting on the left we have a Hasbro 6" plastic ruler. Then we have a green and blue BIC F-25s along with a red medium BIC. A ball point pen must be in the protector along with a Sheaffer School fountain pen. A BIC AF-49 Accountant Pen in blue would be required. Next would be your Scripto K780 and last is a Sterling Plastic 6" Slide Rule. What else would you need? Have a Merry Christmas.


  1. I just found your blog this week, and I must say you have some nice stuff in there.

    What is the green and cream pen above, between the bics and fountain pen?

    Also, what is the storage case you are using for the bics shown back in your Jan 2014 post?

  2. The green pen is a Kikkland. They make retro pens. The cases are 48 slot black display boxes. At one time you could get them on ebay for about $35.00. I have not seen any of late. I use 12 48 slot cases for my BICs and could use more.

    1. Thanks for the info! Those retro pens are sharp looking, but how are they quality-wise?

  3. I have one of those Kikkerland ballpoints as well. I like the way it looks, but after a few years mine stopped working properly. It's a shame, because I do really enjoy it otherwise... even if it is a knock-off of the Bic Clic pen, in a sense. :) I like the colors of them. Mine is ivory and light blue.