Saturday, August 8, 2020

Hungarian Scripto T220

For some years I have seen used Scripto T220 type pens from Hungary. These pens are in fact not made by Scripto but were copied in the 70s and apparently are still being used. This is a current retro package of their version of a T220 called a ICO 70.
Here is the Scripto T220 with a P360 matching 0.9mm pencil to go with it. I use the Fisher 4 N 1 refills for these pens.
 Here are some of my collection of older Scripto pens and pencils. On the far right are a few of the older pens from the 50s called Dollar Pens, Super Dollar or just Push Button Pen. There are two demonstrators and the K780s plus a few K21s. K21 was the replacement for the K780. Add them all to your collections.