Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scripto Scriptomatic Pen

Here we have a complete counter top display for the Scripto Scriptomatic Ball Point Pen T707. From the 50s, this set is in great shape. All plastic body except for the push bottom top and the pocket clip. These could be used today. Refills just push into the top clip, inserted into the body and you are ready. One of the interesting thing about these scripto counter top displays is the information on the back of the cards. Information on the pens, reordering instructions and sales tips for the sales clerk. On the back of the display it states" Before demonstrating pen, make several loops pressing ball point firmly on paper" It also states to "Recommend this pen to your customers for:
Non-Smearing, Permanent Writing
Gay Colors
Slim Styling and Economy
These pens were sold in a different time, Counter displays on a counter. Sales clerk demonstrating the pen to the customers. Sales clerk in a suit and tie with nametag. This is why I like the old pens and pencils from the 50s and 60s.Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jet Pen Order

Today was a good day for mail down in the supply room. I ordered these three items from Jet Pens without knowing much about any of them. This is my first KOKUYO notebook. This one has the slanted pages so it is easy to find where you want to be. 80 sheets, 10" by 7". Paper is nice. Middle item is a 5 pack of KOKUYO Beetle Tip highlighters. Use them three ways, chisel point, fine point and two lines, one above and one below your text. Should have some fun with these. The pen on the right is a Zebra Sharbo X LT3 in Hunter Green. This is a $45.00 pen. I saw the review over at the Pen Addict and saw this pen move up to the number one spot. This is the middle of the road model. I put in a .05 black refill, .04 green refill and a.07 pencil. This is a well constructed writing instrument. Not too heavy, writes great and since it is a multi pen, it is number 61 in my collection. I do like this pen. I would not go with the $120.00 model but I do like the one I got for use down in the supply room. It is a real pleasure to write with.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Storage Racks

Many items in my collection are still in their original packaging. I do take some out, use them for a time then back in the package they go. Here are two ways I have found to store them. On the left is a Scripto rack. This rack now holds more then just scripto. There are 15 straight hooks that are 7" long. Plenty of space. The rack on the right is a "Toms" snack rack, I have two of these and there are 34 spaces/ 17 on each side to hang stuff. I like to try and keep the older pens and pencils in their original package. They can be opened and then put back. Two more ways to keep our stuff. Back right you will see a Lindy Pen rack, and a Pentel Lead rack and back left you will see another Scripto rack.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bates Model G List Finder

I have had many of these over the years but can not fine a one of the them now. So I picked up this vintage Bates Model G List Finder to add to the collection. All the pages are full so a new refill is in order. The list finder itself works well and is in great shape. It will be put to work as soon as I find a refill. This item is from around the 60s I would think. Great item to add to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scripto P970s

I do love my daily trips to the mail box. In today's mail were two brand new Scripto .07, P970s. One in black and one in maroon. Both still on the card so they are P979s. At the bottom is my original P950. These pencils are made in Japan, and are part of the famous series 9 mechanical pencils from Scripto. There are four in the set starting with the P930, P950, P970 and the P990. Very similar to the Pentel Sharp P205. For those who want all the details on this pencil go over to Roger has some for sale and you can also check E-bay. These pencils are a must for scripto and mechanical pencil collectors.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Chief and Friend

Here we have more old notebooks from the 60s. These were used by my wife and are from the early 60s. On the left you have a HY-Grade Premium Second Grade Tablet. 5/8" ruling. On the right is the Big Chief 8x12" Pencil Tablet, 40 sheets Nr# 21849. Made by the Springfield Tablet Company, Springfield Mo. 65805. These are nice additions to any collection.Posted by Picasa

Something New, Something Old

After looking at all the blogs talking about the Clairefontaine notebooks I picked up three for use here in the supply room. I bought different sizes so I could try them out. They came from the Texas Art and Supply store in Houston Texas. They were all on sale. They are very nice notebooks. I used the large one today in a city meeting and it was a great writing experience. On the right is a Blue Horse Composition Book from I believe the 60s. Original price was .10 cents. Nice addition to the supply room.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 13, 2009

More New Items

The supply room received some new items in the mail this past week. On the left is a small Scan Card notebook with extra cards. Thanks to Patrick over at He is another scan cards user. There are so few of us around. On the right is a BIC Easy Clic Fountain Pen. As with so many neat items this one is not sold here in the USA. I will be opening this item up and using it. Again I will have to look overseas to get refills. Now a update on the Pentel Smash pen and pencil set I posted on 26 Aug. The B1000 ball point is not sold here in the US so I had to look for refills. I found one the fits at Hobby Lobby stores. Item number 423-02BK will fit. The Pentel Smash Ball Point uses a multi pen refill. For store locations go to www.hobbylobby.comPosted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zebra Collection

Here is my Zebra collection. The multi pens are not included. Most of these are the ones you can buy in your local store. On the left is the new Tele-scopic Brights in their package. Then you have the F-301, an older tele-scopic, The G301, followed by three F-301s, the F-402, F701 and the last two on the right are the ones from Japan that I got from over at Pencils 11. These are the pride of the collection. Of all my ball point pens, these two zebras get the most comments. I believe they are about 10 years old, use the same refills as most of your standard zebras. There is just something about these two that put them at a higher level then the rest. If you only wanted one ball point pen, these two might be the ones to consider. The one with the lines is called the FX and has the sign for yen and 2000. Which is about $18.00. The other has no name or number on it. Both have a rough feeling like the old Fisher Space Pen. These two zebras should be in your collection.Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 7, 2009

TOT Stapler

Swingline staplers have been around awhile. The company started in 1925. My favorite has always been the small TOT 50 stapler. Top left has been with me since the late 70s. The one on the right is new and I just picked it up last week. In the Army our desk was sometimes in the back of a truck or in a tent. You needed a stapler that worked and did not take up space. The TOT hit the spot. Get yourself one of the older types and add it to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Scripto Pens

Except for the 1946 Wordmaster these are my oldest scriptos. Early 50s and before my time. None of these work but the colors are nice. Scripto did a good job on their colors over the years ending with the K780 pencil in the 90s. The six on the left go with the counter top display. The three on the right just need a place to hang out. These are not for everybody but at least one should be in the collection of a hard core scripto collector.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PEZ Collection

On one of the walls in the supply room where pens and pencils should be is my PEZ collection or at least most of it. Not much to say here, we have all seem them and there are thousands of different ones. Some of my collection are the older ones with no feet. Some are in sets. The case holds 96 dispensers and gives them a place to live.Posted by Picasa