Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another JetPens Order

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I was notified by email that the pencil case I wanted from JetPens was in so I ordered one and I also needed some 0.5mm lead. Then I saw some new items so I picked up a Red Uni-ball Woodnote Gel Ink Pen, and a Kitaboshi 2.0mm LEAD Holder. The Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case is very nice and holds all you would need at school or work. I currently have 16 pens, pencils and highlighters in the case. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scripto Pencil

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Here we have a dozen Scripto Trek 0.5mm pencils from 1991. This is another old scripto pencil that I did not have in the collection. I picked up a dozen so if one is needed in your collection just let me know. The pencil comes in four colors, white, black, red and blue and they all seem to have a sparkle about them, something in the colors. The pencil has a sliding sleeve and a twist eraser that is about one inch long. Model number is a P250. There is however another scripto pencil around that looks like a Pentel P205 and claims to be a P250. I will have to investigate. Overall a good plastic scripto pencil. If you need one for your collection just email me at and tell me the color. What a nice Christmas present. Add them all to your collection.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Orange BICs

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Here we have a dozen BIC orange, 0.7mm Easy Glade pens. I have been watching these because non of the 25 plus Orange BICs that I have say easy glide on the side. I bought them from a seller in Korea but they are made in France. BIC France seems to be one of the leaders as far as new BIC items go and that is fine with me. So I have 12 more pens. If someone needs one for their collection just email me at and I will see what I can do. I do wish that BIC would start selling the orange fine point pen once again here in the US. It has been missed.

The People's Pen

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Here we have two examples of a one of the best pens ever made. These Sheaffer Ball Point Pens are unique because it may have been the only period where Sheaffer called these pens the People's Pen. From 1971 to 1974 time frame. Bright colors were the standard in the early 70s. I had sent some of these Sheaffers to Mad Men because this pen has been around since the mid 60s. I do not remember what was going on for the introduction of the phase People's Pen. Many times pens made in the US during the 40s up through the early 70s reflected what was going on in our country and the world. The People's Pen was one of them. Add them all to your collection.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Old Papermate

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Here we have four examples of the Papermate Contour Pen. The newest addition to the Supply Room is the one on the right. The Papermate Zodiac which was made from about 1970 to 1974. I was overseas during that time and completely missed these pens. There were 12 different pens, one for each sign and each had its own color. I have the Virgo. The first I knew about these pens was when I found these two magazine ads on the right. Last month one of the pens showed up on eBay. They are curently selling for about $25.00. Original prize was about $1.50. They are not as nice as the Ops N Pops which has the metal tip as you can see on the yellow one in the picture. I would think that a complete set of 12 would be something to see and I hope I see them someday down in the supply room. I only have 11 more to find. Add them all to your collection.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Old Pencil Boxes

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Here we have four old but new to the supply room pencil boxes. Made in the USA but not sure by who. The only words on this pencil box are "Admiration" and "Made in USA". All plastic with the pencil tray riding under the box. Only about three standard pencils and no room for a ball point pen in the tray. Has a pencil sharpener and the multiplication table with sliding top. I would guess from the 60s and I am sure they copied the Sterling Plastic box which is similar and was a lot more popular. Add them to your collection.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

JetPens Order

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It has been a while since I posted a JetPens order so here is my current haul. On the left is the Moleshine classic roller pen. Uni-ball red lead for my red Bel Bol 2mm pencil. A good Pentel eraser for a good cause. Ohto gel highlighter that works great. These last two items are very nice and I should have got both in black to go along with the white. Zebra Arbez Pirto ballpoint pen and pencil. The pencil has a great feel to it and it along with the pen work as expected from Zebra. Add them all to your collections.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Uni Mitsubishi and Give away

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First things first. Since only six people left comments I will give away three Red Goose notebooks. If Number 4 Surfbits, Number 5 Chainoil and Number 6 Kathy will email me with a address at I will get your Red Goose Notebooks in the mail.

I picked up these two Mitsubishi Jumpop pens on eBay the other day because I had never seen them before. They have certainly never been on the shelves of any store here in Central Texas. As we have seen many of the pen companies like Cross and Zebra and others make a small pocket size pen and the Mitsubishi Jumpop pen is as good as any of them. I am using the orange one as I post this and it seems to work and write fine. If you need a small pocket size pen these will do the job. Not sure if they are still being made or not. Add them to your collection.