Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Loose Items

Here we have more loose items that need posting. On the left is my first set of 72 Big Bang Theory trading cards. I like collecting items from one of my favorite TV shows. Below the cards are a set of Lindy Short Shorty felt tip pens. These are new to the collection. From a friend in France a carded pair of VIP Pens. Always nice to get items still on their cards. On the right is a Korean made 0.5mm JEDO 5000 drafting pencil. I included the Faber-Castell TK-Fine in the picture because they do look similar. The JEDO is shorter which I like and has the small eraser under the cap. The pocket clip looks like a Pentel. Still it is a good pencil. Add them all to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BIC Wavelengths

Here is a new pen we have started to collect down here in the supply room, the BIC Wavelength and BIC Round Stic. The BIC Round Stic can be seen today and is available in most stores where as the BIC Wavelength came out in April of 1992 and were discontinued at the end of 1998. All but a few of the pens in the picture are from the early 90s. I am showing the Monsters set because most of these pens came in sets of six. On the back of one of the cards dated 1993 there are 14 different sets with six pens in each set. Most of the ones in the picture are 1995 sets. Starting at the top left are 11 basic pens. Next is the UFO set (4), then the Monster set (3). Followed by the Color Beams (4) and Color Shifts (3). Next are the FLATS (5, Flat Cats) and Sports Balls (5). Last are 3 Snack Zones (Candy) and the hard to find 4 KISS pens. These pens come in sets of 6 but some will be duplicates and are not shown. The 1993 card had the following sets listed. Shimmers, Glow Stics, Art Attacks, Fish Stics, FLATS ( Which I have), Tribals, Body Heat 1, Body Heat 2, Clear Clics, Wahoo's, Spaz, Color Bursts, Color Combos, Hot Lites. As you can see this is only 1993 and 1995. I am sure there are plenty more out there covering the 8 years or so they were made plus the ones from overseas. These BIC Wavelengths have become hot collector items so keep looking for these sets to add to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 18, 2012

Catch Up On Some Items

We have been spending plenty of time on BICs and Lindy Pens lately so we better catch up on some other items down in the supply room. Picked up a lot of Sterling Plastic 6" Protractors some time back. As is the case with all the Sterling Plastic items they are all made in the USA and great collector items. I will be adding one of these to our next Give-Away which will be coming up very soon. Next is a carded Fisher Space-Tec pressurized ink pen. I also have a blue one that I have been using. I believe these are now discontinued items but are still available. Last is a pair of 1990s Pentel Roller Ball Pens called the "Great Green One". Pens write in black and have a coupon on the back of the card for $5.00 from Pentel if you buy a pair of Famous Jordache Designer Jeans. What a deal. Add all of these great items to your collections. next post we will be showing out BIC Wavelength collection from the 90s. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Most Of My BIC Cristal Collection

Here is most of the BIC Cristal Collection. This collection covers about forty years. Top left are the pens from a 1980s school pack and I am still missing the red and pink BIC. Then the fine points, Auditors fine point, PF-39 through PF-49s and the F-25 and F-29. Rest of top row are from overseas. Bottom left are my Accountant pens, missing the AF-59. Then the mediums, Deluxe Medium, Medium Point and the the PM-39s in Blue and Red. After the Green Cristal all the BICs are from overseas. Looks like I am still in need of a red and pink medium point, PM-29 Deluxe Medium Point and a Accountant AF-59. There may also be some others but we will see. Add all these great pens to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My lindy Pen Collection

Here we have most of my Lindy pens. Duplicates and the ones I am currently using (4) that are not in the picture. My total is only about 65 pens but I consider it a great start to my collection. Starting on the left, the first 7 pens are Lindy Utilities. The next 5 starting with the gold Lindy are Lindy Auditors. I need to stop here because as you can see from the Utilities and Auditors I have 8 of the original 12 colors of Lindy. Lindy was the first company to offer 12 colors. It looks like I am missing Silver,Yellow, Brown and another shade of Blue. I think. I have never seen a list of the original and do not remember. Next are 2 Lindy Steno Fine points. Followed by a Legal Writer,W2 No Stain Fine Point in a blue marble color, Pacesetter, Green Lindy Special, Lindy Utility made by the Blackfoot Indians, 2 Lindy Shorts and 3 of the new Lindys that I just got in. Add all these Lindys to your collection. Next post we talk more BICs. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Never Before Seen Lindy Pens

Here we have a real surprise for everyone. The six Lindy Pens in the middle starting with the blue and red pen called the Lindy 2 N 1 are never before seen prototype pens. The next five pens including the purple, black, orange and two blue caped pens are what we believe to be prototypes for a New Lindy pen to go up against the BIC Cristal. These pens are made of plastic like a BIC which is different from the purple and shorty green Lindy on top. Two of the pens have their new cap on the left with their old cap on the right. They had to reduce cost by doing away with the metal pocket clip. While these five pens are the same, they have different writing on them. Experimenting with different wording and numbers. BIC just had the BIC logo.There were no plans for these prototype pens to ever be seen by the public or leave the building. Their plans did not work. Lindy never made the pen and these pens have been found. The seller contacted me last week and I bought these six pens. There are more and they are going up on eBay this week. These are part of our pen history and I hope all of you bid on or buy one. Lindy pens are the third most visited post here in the supply room and for good reason. The blue cap Lindy above the BIC now works. Add them all to your collection.Posted by Picasa