Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parker Jotters

It is always fun to see what visitors to the blog are interested in. Parker Jotters are at the top of the list and so are the Parker Vectors. There are 24 Jotters in the picture with the 1954 original Jotter at the far right. The two purple ones are 50th Anniversary pens.   As you can see they have no feathers on the pocket clip. Bottom row has my Parker Vector collection and on the right are nice 1960s Sheaffer Ball Points with the clear barrels. Add all these pens to your collection.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pentel P205s


Been so busy with BICs and Lindy Pens that I had forgotten that I had added two more Pentel P205s to the collection. On the left are the new Gold and Silver color P205s. Nothing new about these pencils but the colors. Adding all eight pencils to your collection is a must but the gold and silver P205s are a little  disappointing. Not as bright as the first six on the right. Still I would add them to your collection. Need to lay out all my P205s and see what I have.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Before I Remove The Pens

Plenty of reorganization going on down in the supply room. I put the four cases together just to see what they would look like before I make more changes. Plenty of work went into collecting all these pens. The BIC Wavelengths on the top right are coming out of the case to be replaced by the Parker Jotters. Jotters have been a popular post of late. The bottom two cases are all Lindy pens and they do look nice in these cases. I am still missing a silver, brown and yellow color pen and all the Lindy pens in the bottom right case were added in the past 30 days. Top left are the BIC Cristals and I have added an additional BIC Auditor's  (top left of case) and a AF 59 Accountant pen ( bottom left case). Add all these pens to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clear Pen And Pencils

So  far I have filled 6 of these cases and I need more.  Each case holds 48 slim pens or pencils. This case has 23 Scripto K780s and one K760 clear pencils across the top row.  Some of the pencils are from the Military so they were made under the Skilcraft name but are still Scriptos. Bottom left are 12 Wearever Trans-Vues Pencils. Right bottom are 10 Cross Solo Pens. At some point in the near future I plan to have all the same make in the same case. In the meantime add them all to your collection.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 15, 2012

School Supplies And More

It getting that time of year for the school supplies. So far I have only picked up a few items. First check I will say that Staples is in the lead. Plenty of new stuff. Top left is a Maped stick eraser with extra refill. Bottom left is a new set of Pentel RSVP Style pens with the new body colors. Right side is a Binder APPS Tool Band. It will fit over the front of a notebook binder. Bottom is a set of Lindy pens. Do not have the model or name yet. Very nice colors on these pens and so far the top one is working. Top of the picture is a new BIC Pen. There are three Sterling Silver BIC Pens and this is the least expensive of the three. Only the cap and the little plug at the end of the barrel are silver. The rest of the pen is a standard clear plastic BIC pen. When I post an update to my BIC pen collection I will show a better picture of this one. Last is the 1966 magazine ad of the kid on the bicycle. In 1966 or 1967 I also had this bike but in purple. That could have been me. Start checking those stores for schools supplies and add them all to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 9, 2012

Papermate And Scripto Pens

Top row are all Papermate Pens with the 10 Ops N Pops pens on the top left. Bottom row starts with Papermates on the left side and Scriptos on the right.  The Scriptos, starting with the blue two tone pen in the middle of the bottom row are all called T260 Wordmaster Pens. Not counting the two regular Wordmasters what we have are 12 never before seen pens. One of the black bottom, white top with black dots is the pen that I already had. My reference books list this pen as made by Scripto and called a Satellite from 1958. Maybe but the pen does not look like any Satellite in my collection of pens or ads. This lot was advertised as being from a stationary store closing in the mid 60s.I believe these pens were made in the late 60s and were Scriptos attempt to go up against the Papermate Ops N Pops. The Papermate is the better pen but these Scriptos are like no other Scripto I have ever seen. Some have a little rust but all can be made to work. I have three working now. I will be giving a separate case to Papermate and Scripto very soon. Add them all to your collection.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

American Horror Story

Plenty of new stuff going on down in the supply room. First I have sent all these pens and pencils in the picture to the newest  TV show being supported by My Supply Room. American Horror Story on FX. I was contacted by their Prop Master Scott Bauer who has a very long resume in the film and TV business. I sent three Sheaffer sets, one Papermate set, two Scripto sets and a Lady Pittite pen. I have added tons of new/old pens and pencils to the collection plus I am switching all my loose pens to the new black cases. I will re-post the BICs, Lindys and a few others that now have new homes.