Sunday, January 19, 2014

My BIC Collection

I am currently having problems posting pictures from Picasa to my blog so I will just post this picture taken a few months ago showing my BIC pen collection. When friends come by and want to see the BICs I have to lay them out on the kitchen table I am also in need of another display case because I have about 48 more BICs to display. It is hard to believe there can be so many BICs out there available to both the BIC user and the collector. Add them all to your collection.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Papermate Flair

Been waiting for some time to get my hands on this pen. A refillable Papermate flair pen. I have had a few of these over the years but not still in the package like this one. First we have great graphics on the card and on the back we have the date 1966. 1966 is when we started seeing Papermate Flairs. This one in the picture which does not have it's own name other then Papermate Flair also had a high end version called the Papermate Refillable Executive Flair that had a chrome top with plastic bottom. Most of these type refillable pens from the 60s have been put to the side because the companies no longer makes refills for these great pens. Good news because the cross felt tip and roller ball refills work in these pens. I am currently using a roller refill and have a felt tip refill on order. Add these great pens to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sterling Plastic Pencil Box #530

Never seen this one before. A Sterling Plastic Model #530 pencil box. This one has never been used before and has everything you would have needed for your first day in elementary school. All the parts still work except the eraser which is hard as a rock. Add one to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pedigree Erasers

Here we have some great old erasers that I am sure many of you remember. These are Pedigree erases from the 70s or early 80s. The Peanuts eraser is in great shape and brings back fond memories. Pedigree is owned by the Empire Pencil corporation. Add these great erasers to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 6, 2014

Old BIC 4 Way Ad

Here we have a 1973 BIC 4 Way Ad.  This one was on the back cover of the November 1973 Jr Scholastic magazine. Add one to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Pilot B2P Pens

Posted by PicasaHere we have five types or generations of the Pilot B2P pens. On the left are the original ones that use the G2 refills and are still sold in all your local stores. Top right is another original pen then two B2Ps from England. Next are the seven Petball B2Ps from Jetpens. These use the smaller refills and all are black ink. Bottom row are the griped B2Ps that also use the smaller refills but in colors. Last are the five new B2Ps from Staples. The barrel and ink color are the same. These use the G2 refills. Hard to believe there are so many. Add all five generations to your collection.