Monday, August 31, 2009

BIC Pen and Pencil Counter Display

Here is a nice, complete BIC pen and pencil counter display. I believe from Mexico. This was never placed in production but is a nice Walt Disney /BIC item. There are four wooden pencils, five blue pens, nine black pens and one red pen. As you can see the pens are the round BIC type which can be found at your local store today. Disney scenes on the pens and pencils. Nice addition to any collection.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pentel Techniclick Razzle Dazzle

Well look what turned up in the old supply room. There have been many good reviews of this pencil and most people do like the techniclick but here are four brand new packs of the discontinued Pentel Razzle Dazzle model, .05 mm pencils. Back on 26 May 2009 I posted my 34 different Techniclick pencils. The razzle dazzle model was the hardest to fine. If I get any comments on these I may just open one or two packs up for a old fashion giveaway in the near future, if not there is always a place for them in the old supply room.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smash Pen and Pencil Set

Here is a new item in the supply room. Back on 4 Aug 2009 I was reading the great review of the Pentel Smash Q1005 at Dave's Mechanical Pencils. I did not have one in the inventory. At the same time Mr. Pentel over at Pencils 11 had a Smash Q1005 pencil with a matching B1000 ball point pen for sale. Today they showed up at the supply room. These do not need any review and there is no time to waste. Get yourself a set. I believe there may be more over at Pencils 11. This is one of the best pen and pencil sets to come along and it is top of the line Pentel. These go into the daily rotation. The refill for the pen will take a while to find but I am working on it.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pen and Pencil Rack

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The other day I picked up this plastic Lazy Susan CD rack for $5.00. It can hold about 120 CDs. It now holds pens and pencils. This is not for everybody and time will tell if it works in the supply room.

Monday, August 17, 2009

All My Multi Pens

I first posted my multi pen collection on 29 May. At the time I stated that there were a few more around the supply room. Well, there were more then a few. As of the date of this post there are 57, however I found 2 more new Uni Hard Locks that did not make the picture. Total, 59. I try to keep away from kids souvenir pens but there are a few in the picture. Bottom left is a rare Scripto model T620 multi pen. Most of these can be used for both work or school. I keep about 25 or so on the desk for daily use. Many are from Jetpens and some of the older ones do not work and I have not put new ink in them. Some have to be retired. With this many pens it is hard to keep up with refills. There is a Foohy missing from this post that was in the first one. It now has a new home at Pen Archives. Talk about timing, there are some great reviews of multi pens over at The Pen Addict. Next post back to the inventory.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation Part 3

The Floaty Pen is my number one souvenir. Here are about 38 floaty pens and some other souvenir pens and pencils.The original floaty pen and the best ones are made by the Eskesen Company of Denmark. I have put out some nice examples in the front. These can be found all over the world and some collectors have thousands of these. You do not get them for writing. You get them for the floaty action as you turn the pen from side to side. These are a must for anyone traveling. Next post we will re-visit multi pens.Posted by Picasa

Vacation Part 2

Here we have one of my favorite souvenir items. The 12" plastic ruler. They are cheap, can be found anywhere tourists show up and can be used all year long at work or school. Some of the ones on the left are from Germany rest are from the USA. These are fun and I always look for them but the number one item I look for are the Floaty Pens. Next stop floaty pens from around the world.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation Part 1

Here we are on vacation and look what we already have in our bag. Bottom row are two wooden souvenirs from Yellowstone National Park, one on the left has holes for 9 pencils and the one on the right holds 1 pen or pencil. These are from the 60s. Middle row on the left is a pen holder mounted on a slab of polished rock from Mexico. In the middle is a Lasercraft paperclip holder from Disney World in Florida and on the right is a notepad built into a paint brush from Rothenburg Germany. The pen holder in the back is just old. It appears to have two small ink wells in the center. Do not know much about this one but it looks good on my desk.Posted by Picasa

Lucite Desk Supplies

Here are some desk items from the past. On the the left you have a Lucite pen and pencil holder in bright pink/orange from the 60s and on the right you have a 12" Lucite ruler which is about 1" thick from the 70s. Lucite is a acrylic resin/plastic material and it makes for good desk items if you can find them. The supply room staff is going on vacation for our next three posts and you are invited. First stop is Yellowstone National Park, Disney World, Mexico and a short trip to Germany.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ARMY Supplies Part 3

Here is the desk set I used in the Army. It is called Lasercraft and made from American walnut. It took me about 10 years to put this set together. One piece here, one piece there. The name plate and the wooden notebook are the only items not made by Lasercraft. Pen and pencil set are cross. I have not used this set since 1995 except for the desk blotter which will be back on my desk as soon as I make this post. The rest is stored in one of the many supply room cabinets.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ARMY Supplies Part 2

Here are some items that I used in the Army that I bought. Top left are a collection of Hazel notebooks that I got over the years. They were sold through the PX. To the right is a notebook with the quartermaster emblem on the front that I got at Ft Lee Virgina. Far right is a new notebook made by Dayrunner in the new camouflage pattern. These notebooks come in many sizes and are used by our deploying troops. Above on the right is a home made holder for 3x5 cards. You also have a Saddam voo doo doll and a medal given to us by Saudi Arabia. The medal is not cheap. Bottom left is a small 3 ring notebook called the commander. Paper is about 3x5". You could carry 3 pens on the front and the notebook would and did fix in your leg cargo pocket. Bottom right is a sand camouflage note book with a zipper. This notebook saw some action during Desert Storm. Had it with me all the time. Size of paper was about 5 x 8". Patch was added once I got home. Last we have a Parker pen and pencil set in green camo and a sand camo Parker vector roller.Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 7, 2009

ARMY Supplies Part 1

This is the first part of my US Army supplies. While I was in the Army for 21 years I did not collect a whole lot. One thing that should stick out is the color. Most office type supplies are dull but made to last. In this picture the blue paper clippers are about the only thing that stands out. Top left is a binder we called the desk top briefer. Put your documents in the document protectors and flip as you brief. To the right is a standard 3" black binder. On the right of the binder is a executive wooden in-box. This made many trips and I have had to put a few coats of varnish on them. The pens and pencils are all government issue and were made by Skilcraft. The blue pen one in the middle was made by Indians for the Government. Below the pens is a 40 to 50 year old green 1" binder. This is a workhorse. These binders were made to last and be used in all kinds of weather. The green binders were replaced by the black ones. To the left of the green binder is some stationary and note cards donated to the supply room by the 1 Star General himself. Above the stationary is a knife pouch with a pen holder on the side. I used this one for many years. To the left you have two 2 hole punches and a 3 hole punch. You also have a wooden slide rule used to calculate distance and angle of site for a 8" Self Propelled Howitzer. For those that do not know what that is. A big gun that moves.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009 Cheap Trick 8 Track

As many of you know I like 8 track tapes and players. Here is Cheap Tricks new album "The Latest" on 8 track tape. Just released last month. I want to thank LizMoney for letting me know about it. It is nice to have something current playing down in the Supply Room. The 8 tracks are making a come back and you need to get on board.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More School Supplies

School supply time is in full gear. Here are some of the items I picked up this past week. The exception is the pink Pentel R-50 which I got in a great package from Sam at Future; Nostalgic. Most of these items will be dated, boxed and put into storage down in the supply room.Posted by Picasa