Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scripto Pens

I have posted the Scripto Pen on the left before. It is listed in the Incredible Ball Point Pen Price Guide as a Scripto "Satellite" and is consider rare.These pens are from the late 50's. It was not to long ago I ran across a lot of ball points for sale from someone in China. All the pens were used with some heading straight for the trash. But in the middle of the lot was the Scripto pen on the right. A Scripto satellite I have never seen before. These two pens plus who knows how many more in this 1950s series came out ten years before Papermate came out with the Ops N Pops. The new one on the right is now working and one of these two pens may be going to Mad Men next year.

I plan on doing a Give Away as soon as I get to 100 followers, so if you have not signed up please do.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long Pens

Plenty of good stuff to talk about in this picture. Starting on the left is the Eversharp Utility Pen, Almost 6" long and the smallest of the pens in the picture. This one will stay on the card. Next are two boxes of Fisher non pressurized pens. I do not think these model numbers are made anymore. The model numbers do not show up on the fisher pen website. The solid red R82Xs (box on the left) are the same size as the current Fisher  LM84M Laundry pen and maybe the same size as the Fisher SPR84 Rocket which does use a pressurized refill. Next are my favorite fisher pens (box on the right). I only have four of these clear red pens and I do not know the model number but they are the ones I am using. All these Fishers use the same "1 For All" refill and are about 6 1/4" long. This "1 For All" refill is my go to for Mad Men and any of my older pens that need to work. I get them from eBay since the stores around here do not stock anymore. Last are the Lindy Utractapens. I have two of these and they are the longest of all these pens coming in at 61/2". I plan on getting the nice carded blue one to work. From the 70s the card has some of the best graphics around. I may be adding a few of the red Fisher R82Xs (box on the left) to a future give away. Add them all to your collection. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

More Ops N Pops

Last week I won a Papermate Ops N Pops that had been on Ebay. I am talking about the one on the far right. It is not in great condition but has one of the four remaining designs that I did not have. Even in this condition it was still close to $100.00. To my surprise the seller also had the yellow Ops N Pops that is right next to the one on the far right. I put it on its side so you can see how over use will take the design off. The seller just sent both the yellow one with the white one that I had won. Great deal on my favorite pen. Add them all to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Sterling Plastic Box

Here we have a plain Sterling Plastic Utility and Crayon Box. Model number #277. This is my first one of these in my collection. The box which is only  4"x4" is in fair condition but the all important sticker on the face is still in place. Late 50s to early 60s I would think. Sometimes it seems sad that this is one of the few options we had to put our stuff in as compared to today's pencil and pen cases. Add one to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 13, 2012

Papermate Contours

Here we have two new additions to the collection. Both Papermate Contours are from the 80s The red Contour is from around 1989 and was made in the US but assembled in Mexico. I picked up this one because of the bright red color. The black and yellow Rally Papermate Contour is from the early 80s and made in the US. This is the first Rally Contour that I have seen so I do not know if they come in other colors. The yellow top on the Rally is a mustard color. These Papermate pens are getting harder to find so pick up one for your collection.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 5, 2012

More BIC Pens

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No BIC pen collection would be complete without including these great examples. We will start at the top with my two BIC Accountant pens. I am missing the AF-59 and AF-49. The model numbers correspond to the price of the pen. The next two are the yellow PF-49 and PF-39 Deluxe Fine Point Pens. Again I am sure that I am missing a few of these. Now we have have the orange F-25 and F-29 Fine Point Pen, the original Orange Fine Point BIC. Last of the fine points is the PF Fine Point followed by the BIC Auditor's Fine Point. Now for the medium BICs. First is the PM-39 Deluxe Medium Point BIC then the PM Deluxe Medium Point. Last at the bottom is the PM Medium Point Office Property BIC. I will be listing the few BICs that I am missing from this collection and I have extras to trade. Add all of these great pens to your Collection.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

BIC Counter Top Display

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Here is a nice counter top or as I have done here, a nice BIC wall mounted display. I would think from the late 70s or early 80s because of the .25 cent BIC fine point pens. This display is all metal and stands 17" tall. My plan is to fill all the slots with BIC pens that I use as replacemnents, spare parts and refills for the other pens. Add one to your collection.