Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sterling Plastic Bug and Boat

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Here we have two pencil sharpeners from the Sterling Plastic Company. On the left is a beetle, Sterling Plastic #508 with a plastic sharpener under it. This beetle is from the early 70s and was part of a line of bug and spider pencil sharpeners. These bugs are made of soft flexible plastic. The small red boat with the yellow sharpener on top is a Sterling Plastic #500 and is from the 50s. This one is hard plastic. These small sharpeners from Sterling Plastic are inexpensive in most cases and are very collectible. There are some exception, like last year when I saw a Sterling Plastic Tarantula still on the card for about $25.00 and just last week on EBay a Sterling Plastic model 506 Space Capsule sold for $270.00. These are all US made sharpeners and should be in your collection.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank You Mad Men

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As you remember from my post of 30 March, I have been providing old working ball point pens to the TV show Mad Men which takes place in the 60s. This is continuing however, they did say they were sending something for me.What a surprise, opened up the box and found a working Vendorama Ball Point Pen vending machine. It still has the key, still has 35 original pens and still works after almost 50 years. Yes, the coffee mug was included. To say that we were surprised with this package which weighted about 40 pounds is an understatement. I want to thank Ellen Freund and her whole staff for this great gift. I will be watching season 4 of Mad Men this year, you should to. Oh, don't forget to add one to your collection.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scripto Fiber Pen

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Here we have a collection of the scripto Fiber Pens. Model 800 or 809 on the card. This pen was similar to the Papermate Flair. Did not do as well but still a nice pen. This pen came in 12 colors and here are all 12 of them. I have since opened one up and it still works fine. At 19 cents each, made in the the USA probably in the 80s. All 12 should be in your collection.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Winner of the GlideRiter

The winner of the GlideRiter was the number two comment. Archer, send me an email at with an address. Thanks to all that left comments. Will be doing another give-away soon.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Empire Telephone Index

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Here we have a Telephone Index sold by the Empire Pencil Company in Shelbyville Tennessee. Empire Pencil Company also made Pedigree school supplies. Made in 1975, this item is in perfect condition. It is so nice, I have since opened it up and have placed it on my desk. Colors are great on this Index. Some items made by the Empire Pencil Company and Pedigree were made overseas and this Index is one of them. Still these items and companies are part of our history so add one to your collection and put it to work.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sheaffer GlideRiter and Give-Away

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Here we have three examples of a Sheaffer Glideriter. From the mid 60s, made in the USA, these pens are over forty years old. They are the same size as the popular Sheaffer School Fountain Pen and use the same ink cartridges that you can still buy today. For the complete history of the Glideriter series you can go over the Even the card that it comes on is collectible. Look at that young lady's face. Since I took the picture, I have opened up one of the blue ones and put in a Sheaffer purple cartridge and the pen works fine. It is fun writing and it is the new way to write. Since they are hard to find in their original packaging and since we only have so much room down in the supply room basement, we will be giving away the black one in the middle. I will be keeping the blue ones. This is a great opportunity to get a piece of American History from the 60s. Let me help add one to your collection. Just leave a comment by the 18th of April.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Lindy Shorty

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Here is another addition to my Lindy Pen collection. The top one is the new one, a Auditors Shorty #450F with the gold pocket clip, bottom one is a Utility 460m with the silver pocket clip. As with all Lindy stick pens these were made to be non-refillable but if you take the back off, a Penatia refill will work. I just put a new refill in it and it works fine. Lindy was a top seller in the last 50s, 60s and 70s. Made in California till the early 80s when the company was sold to the Blackfoot Indians, moved to Montana and is no more. Lindy was also one of the first pen companies to have up to 13 colors. I do remember the counter displays and all those colors. Add them to your collection.