Friday, November 21, 2014

New Items

Here we have some new items in the Supply Room. Top left is a plastic pen stand that has the map of the US. I would think from the 50s or 60s. To the right is a new pencil in the Supply Room. A Kickstater item called a Stalwart Pencil. I think this is 3.5mm lead and the pencil came with four leads and a ballpoint pen. Made from Maple Burlword so each pencil will look different. It is a big lead but is is fun to use. Below left is the Ambition Field Notes that I saw over at Unposted. Last are two items I got from JetPens. The white 60th Anniversary Parker Jotter and the 80th Anniversary Rhodia notebook and pencil. All good stuff.
Here are two of the plastic pen holders I got from Office Depot as they close their doors. Check your local store and get yours.

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  1. A update here in Killeen Texas. We are a city in Central Texas of about 130,000 people. We are home to Fort Hood. Not only has our Office Depot closed but yesterday I find out that Staples is also closing. The Staples in Temple Texas, 13 miles away will stay open. Now we only have Office Max. Some years ago Perry's Office Store closed here in Killeen. It looks like the Supply Room may be the only store we have here in Killeen.