Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mad Men Returns Part 2

Well here we have the whole box that I received from the folks at Mad Men. They not only returned the items I had sent them over the past four years but some items that they picked up for the show.

Yes that is a autographed picture of Jon Hamm. I asked for that. We also have a very nice Wearever counter top display for their ball point pens. There are also two salesmen sample sets of ball point pens.

Here we have a Hasbro ruler and pencil case along with a gun pencil case still on the card. We have two old Carters Marks-A-Lot markers. Pencil case and a protractor.

Here are more protractors, Flair pens, Scripto pencils, ink refills and pencil cases. There is a Lindy pen up on top. All good stuff.

Here are the pens. I still need to go through them all but there are about 25 Parker Jotters, Sheaffer ball point pens and Scripto pens. They kept track of all this stuff by taking pictures of the items and putting them in plastic zip lock bags. Seems to have worked well. May do a give-away of some of these nice old pens from Mad Men. Add all this stuff to your collection.


  1. I hope you had a defibrillator handy when you open that box. My heart is beating up just seeing all those unexpected goodies.

  2. This was a real treat. As of today I still have not gone through it all. I was always pleased with items sent to me by the people at Mad Men. Thanks Ellen!!!

  3. George,
    Do they still have some of your items?
    That's so cool you lent it to them!