Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pentel All White

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Here we have the Pentel all white team. They are all in current use. On the left is the K611 roller, B810 ball point pen, Tradio fountain pen, PD349 pencil, PF 337 pencil and the original ZE21 eraser. All should be in your collection.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pedigree School Supplies

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Another old school supply provider was Pedigree. Pedigree was made by the Empire Pencil Company in Shelbville Tennessee which is part of Hasbro who also made pencil boxes. Don't think these items are made anymore. Like the Sterling Plastic Company they dominated the school supply shelves in most stores. Sterling Plastic had the market for pencil cases, rulers and sharpeners while Pedigree had more pencils and erasers. Most of Pedigree items were made in the USA. Here we have some colored pencils, erasers and rulers of different type. I will have more erasers soon. Add some to your collection.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More New Old Stuff

Here we have have more old stuff for the supply room. On the left top is a dozen Faber-Castell red and blue pencils. The red pencils are 1277 Carmine Red and the blue pencils are 1298s, 1276s, 4125, 1283s and all have erasers. The other box has a dozen Red Dixon 134s pencils. On the right is a Pentel Sharplet-2 .05mm pencil with Mickey on the top and still on the card. Far right is a carded two pencil set, .09 mm with extra lead from the Watana Panit CO, Bangkok. Just more stuff.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Pentel Items

Here we have some new items for the supply room. On the left is the Pentel Sharp PF 337 pencil. Used to write on film. Center we have the new Pentel B810 Sterling Ball Point pen in white. It matches my K611 Pentel roller. On the right is the Pentel Tradio TRF 101 chrome fountain pen with medium nib. This one used blue ink cartridges. Nice addition to my growing Tradio collection. The inside workings of the fountain pen are interchangeable with any of the Tradios. Made in France.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

FaberCastell Pencil Sharpener

Here we have a FaberCastell TV Pencil Sharpener still in the orginal packaging. These plastic TV sharpeners are getting hard to find. Unlike the Sterling Plastic ones, this one was made in Hong Kong, still a great find. You just do not see these anymore and to find one still on the cardboard is rare. One should be in your collection.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TNT Playing Cards

While I always carry a notebook of some kind, I do like cards. At one time it was Scan Cards but now I find these Top Notch Teacher Playing Cards. Same size as playing cards, nice stock paper in many different colors. Put some in your notebook or pocket. Made by the Top Notch Teacher Products of Kerrville Texas 78029. Always something new.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Other Pentel Pens

In the past I have shown my Pentel Roller Ball collection. Most of them were from the 70s and up to the early 80s. These pens here are newer. The fourteen on the left side are rollers and the nine on the right are ball points. On the left we start with the P300, 3 each SP 308s, green SR 300, SR 10, Disney pen with no model number, black and blue R-4s (New versions of the original R-4s), Pentel Sign Pen, current version of the Excalibur, pentel k611, R-50 roller and the Super-fine Pentel SF 70. On the right you have the RC 20 clicroller, RC 26 clicroller, Disney RC 36 clicroller, Graphgear 1000 .05 mm Pen, Graphgear 1000 .07 mm Pen, B1000 Ball Pen, BR 607 Selfit, Energel multi pen, and the HP 803 Super 8. I will say this about the roller ball pens, my other collection of R3s through Excalibur's from the 70s and up to the 84 Olympics are much better made then the current group of SR rollers ( original R-4 is better then the newer R-4 in the picture). The good ones seem to have stopped after the 84 Olympics when pentel changed design. Still, all should be in your collection.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mont Blanc Pens and Pencil

I guess no collection is complete without something from Mont Blanc. Here are the ones in my collection. I believe they are the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck models except for the stainless steel roller on the right. You have a ball point, .05 pencil, black and red roller and a stainless steel roller. All the rollers use the same refill. Non are currently in use. Pencil needs some work. Most of these are around $100.00 each but the stainless steel roller was about $35.00 in the 80s and I bought it in Germany. The rollers are nice writing pens and now that I have posted them I may pull one out to use. One should be in your collect.Posted by Picasa