Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Radio Shack Mini Labelmaker

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Here is a mini label maker sold through Radio Shack. This label maker was made by Dymo Product Company, a division of the Tandy Leather Co. of Canada. I would guess from the 70s. This one makes 3" tapes for labeling. I do wish the cardboard was in better shape because these are great pictures of the family. What a nice family activity. Going around the house labeling everything in sight. So you can start your own family tradition, add one to your collection.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pens for "Mad Men"

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Property Master for the AMC TV show "Mad Men".They wanted some older working pens. I put together these ten pens as a start. They have already requested more. All are required to work and they do. Pictured are four Sheaffers, three Papermates and three Scripto. The scriptos are the hardest to get to work and the cheapest. If we were talking about the early 70s the scriptos would not be a problem but scripto pens from the early 60s and late 50s are harder to deal with. If you lay out five of the same scriptos the replacement refills may not all be the same size. I use Fisher brand refills because you can cut them off for the right size but even that sometimes does not work. This has been big news around the supply room and I do appreciate that people are reading the blog. We are also looking forward to seeing our pens on TV.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New JetPens Order

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We can not live by just old supplies. So here is my current order from JetPens. Nothing real hot but they are all nice items to try. I do like the notebook and the brown Zebra Clip-on multi pen. This is my second pen case, the highlighters are worth a try and the KUM scissors is interesting. Add them all to your collection.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pentel JF 600 Fountain Pen

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Here is another Pentel fountain pen. This one is a model JF600 and made in France. The pen used cartridges. I placed the R50 roller under the fountain pen because they do look similar. This style is very popular overseas and the R50s have been around since the early 60s. Could be popular here if Pentel would try it. Add one to your collection.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New BIC 4 Color

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These pens have not changed in years. Blue barrel was standard ink, orange barrel was the fine point. Now they come out with these new lime green barrel pens with new colors. You get purple, lime green, pink and a light blue. I got my pens at Target. Add one or two to your collection.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pentel Pen and Watch Set

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I get plenty of comments and emails about the Pentel clicrollers and pens that are white in color so here is another one. I have not seen this set before. A white Pentel RC-26 clicroller with a matching watch. From the mid 80s, this set is brand new. Another clicroller for my collection. Refills can still be got on eBay. I do like the white with red stripes on the pen. Add one to your collection.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Papermate Lady Capri

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What young lady in the late 50s or early 60s would not want to have a Papermate Lady Capri pen in her purse? Here are two never opened Papermate Lady Capri Ball Point Pens. Papermate made these from 1957-1963. Some came with a small pouch and some like these two did not. No pocket clip so they were going in the purse. I am starting to relook at my Papermate collection from the late 50s to early 70s and these are nice additions. One should be in your collection or purse.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woolworth Book Rest

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Here is a great example of a 70s book stand. Made by Woolworth Company and sold through Woolco stores. This carded book stand has a great picture of a young lady with a early 70s hair style to match. Many of the old office and school supply items had great graphics and do reflect a different time in our stationary history. All this for .88 cents. Stand was made in Hong Kong and is the last of the office supply box I got for $1.00 plus shipping. Add one to your collection.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Belmont School Pak

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Here is a nice set. A Belmont School Pak that was sold through Rexall Drug Stores. This Pack is all US made and is probably from the late 60s maybe early 70s. Pencils are made by Pedigree and the ruler is made by Hasbro. It appears that the roll top pencil box is also Hasbro. The pencil box is a different model that the Hasbro box I posted on 3 March. The set has a pen, pencils, colored pencils, ruler, pencil sharpener and the roll top box. Sold for .98 cents but has a discount sticker on it for .49 cents. This is the way to send your kid to school. What a deal and all made in the US. If you can find one add it to your collection.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pen'N Pencil Holder

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Here is another pen and pencil holder for your belt. Leather like sealproof material and union made. The pen pictured on the left side of the card is a Scripto Satellite which came out in the late 50s. I had one on my belt a long time ago. I jumped on this one because it is still on a card. From the late 50s to the early 60s. Add one to your collection and put it on your belt.

Parker 61 Winner

The winner is number seven. Congratulations to Ellie who said "Ive only been after this line of pens forever... Ellie, just email me at with an address and the pen is on its way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drawing Set

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Here we have a complete Top Quality Drawing Set. I would guess from the early 70s maybe older. Made by the A&W Products, Co Inc, Port Jervis NY. Sold for $1.28 through K Mart. These sets are getting harder to find and even harder to find complete. This set included a metal compass, 6" ruler, two triangles and a protractor. All made in the US and one like it should be in your collection.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sterling Plastic Slide Rule

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Here we have a vintage 1972 Sterling Plastic slide rule. Model #689. I already have the 6"carded Model #687 and some of the 11" Sterling Plastic slide rules but they are not carded. What a find. For some history, in 1968 Sterling Plastic bought ACU-Rule MFG.Co and added their line of higher end slide rules to the Sterling name. One to look for would be the ACU-MATH 400. The #400 slide rule is a good one but I still like the original Sterling ones.It was not long after in the 70s that the writing was on the wall for slide rules. Here comes the pocket calculators. This 1972 Mannheim model #698 was just about at the end of the road for Sterling Plastic slide rules. Earlier in 1970 Sterling Plastic was bought by Borden. A plastic US made slide rule should be in your collection.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Parker 61 Give Away

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This past week I bought a box full of office supplies.I paid $1.00 plus shipping for the box. I will be posting the items that are going in my collection. One of the pens is a Parker 61, 12k, 1/10 gold filed fountain pen that has been sitting in some desk for years.The pen is known for it's capillary fill. I do not know if the pen works or not. The jewel on the top is missing. Working Parker 61s are going for about $100.00 on EBay. This is a free pen that will need some work or not. I do not have time to fool with it so I won't.If you are interested, leave a comment by 14 March 2010. I will pick one and the pen is yours.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hasbro Roll Top Pencil Box

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Here we have a Hasbro roll top pencil box from the 60s or early 70s. Hasbro is the parent company of the Empire Pencil Company and Petigree. US made and very collectible. The hardest one to find and most expensive one is the Sterling Plastic Company model #526 which I still do not have. Another one would be the Bakelite roll top box.The last new Sterling Plastic one on EBay sold in September 2008 for $81.00. This Hasbro in the picture is a nice addition to the collection and is in excellent condition.This one even came with the original 6" plastic ruler. Unlike Sterling Plastic, Hasbro does not put model numbers on their items so it is harder to find out what they were making as far as school supplies go.These types of US made roll top pecil boxes are very collectible and should be in your collection.This is the first of about six posts about old school supplies and maybe a give a way.

Scripto Ball Point Pens

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The next few posts are going to be some new/old items that just showed up here in the supply room. Most of these Scripto pens from the late 50s,60s and early 70s you have seen here before. The new ones, for comparison are the three on the right side in boxes and the one on the right side of the display case. I just got hold of these four Scripto Prestige ball point pens. The Prestige was the expensive one during the 50s and 60s at about $1.69 per pen while the others were about $1.00. On the left side of the display are four different models of the T210. On advertising they were called Super Dollar,Dollar pen or maybe just Push Button pen. The blue two tone is a working T220 from the 70s. What a find. Scripto pencils are still the most collected item because they can be made to work but these scripto pens are starting to catch on because of their looks and the history associated with them. Add some to your collection before the supply room gets them all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Pedigree Erasers

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Here is my current collection of Pedigree erasers made by the Empire Pencil Company down in Shelbyville Tennessee. Most of these are from the 70s and some should be in your collection. These items are getting harder to find.