Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Will Catch Up

Here we have new items, new old items and things I forgot to post. Starting on the left are the Rhodia dot notebook and two of there great Rhodia pencils. These were sent to me to review from Exaclair and I forgot to do it. These are not even the ones they sent because I have had to replace them with more of the same. The notebooks have become the house notebook down in the supply room along with the pencils. Next starting at the top are two yellow BICs from China or at least have the word China on the side of the pens. Great additions. Next will be the school BIC from the 80s that writes black. Next is a new BIC Soft Feel Fineline pen. Could be a new type of BIC Banana. Don't think it is taking Europe by storm and that would be sad because it has a great fine point. Now we come to the new BIC fine points with the clear yellow/orange barrels. I have been pulling the refills out to put in other BICs. Not working that well. It appears that yellow fine point BIC are getting had to fine. I need refills to get the 1960s BIC green fine point pens to work.  The next three are erasers from International Arrivals. No nothing about this company but these erasers are outstanding and heavy. All have white erases but the center of the eraser is the color of the pen. On the right are some great old M10 BIC's. These were the ones that sold here in the US many years ago. Great carded pair and great pens. Can not refill these but sill great pens. Far right are more of the green fine point green BICs. Sorry to Exaclair for the delay. Add all this stuff to your collection.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

BIC Containers

Here we have my three BIC containers. On the left is the one that was sold in Staples and can be used as a bank. On the right is one from Europe that does not have a coin slot on the top. This blue top one from Europe had regular BIC Cristals inside. My newest one is in the center. This BIC four way container stands about 7" tall and is holding some of my four 4 way and 2 two way BICs. Again I do not know why we can not get these nice pen holders here in the USA but it seems that BIC France is bigger then BIC US. The gold and silver 60th limited edition BIC plastic pens could only be found in Europe but they were made in Mexico. BIC could have just dropped off some here in the USA. Add all these great BICs to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All I See Is Green

I do not remember the last time I saw seven dozen BIC F-25s with the old extended plug on the end all in one place. Later BIC made the plug flush with the end of the barrel and put a hole in the cap. Kids kept putting the cap end in their mouth. There is also a dozen hard to find AF-49 Accountant Fine Point pens mixed with some super hard to find AF-49 Accountant Extra Fine Point BICs. This may be the only place that you can see this many 50 year old green BIC pens that have never been used. A few of the key pens are going to be traded to some other BIC pen collectors from around the world but there will be a future opportunity for some of you readers to get your hands on a 50 year old never used BIC F-25 in green with the orange barrel. I have already pulled the old refill out of some of these pens and they work fine. These are true collector items. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pencils From Germ

Posted by PicasaHere we have some new old pencils that I got from Germ over at pencils 11. The pencils are Tombow and the bat is Pentel. I have seen a Pentel bat that was a pencil but not a lead holder. All of these are nice. The two outside pencils are orange and the one in the middle is pink. All work and appear to have never been used. I do not think they are new because they have green erasers like the older Pentels do. Great additions to the collection. It is however sad to see Germ's collection being broken up. I don't know why but his expertise in the pencil area is all ready missed. He was one of the first friends that I made when I started blogging and I never got a bad deal buying or trading with him. I do not know of anyone who could come up with that hard to find pencil like he could. As I posted this I was thinking of the best pencil that I have gotten from him. Did not have to think about it. The Pentel PD 505 metal side clicker. I consider it one of my best pencils.