Sunday, May 11, 2014

More Flair Pens

Here we have more old Papermate Flair Pens. The best of this lot is the one in the middle which is the refillable Flair Pen. I posted my first one on 15 Jan 2014   Papermate Flair post. That pen is the green one next to the carded red one. What is interesting about these pens is that the green one has the word Papermate on the pocket clip with the two hearts but the red one has the word Flair on the pocket clip without the two hearts. The cards have the same picture of the couple but from a different angle. I loaded a Foray rollerball refill with modification into the red Flair and it works fine. I have a felt tip refill in the green one and a rollerball refill in the red one. I am ready to write. The other four Flairs are from the late 80s and will stay on the cards for the collection. Flairs were always great pens. Add them all to your collection.

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