Monday, July 27, 2015

New Pentel Tradio

The new Pentel Tradio is the light green one in the center. I ordered this one from Pentel US and it has the standard Pentel Stylo point or Pentel fountain pen point as described at their website. This point has been around I know since the 80s. Some of the pen bodies in this photo have the soft rubber feel grip while others have the hard plastic feel and at least one has art work down the side. These is also a real fountain pen and a 0.5mm pencil in this group. I have more but this display case is shared with my Lamy Safari collection. You can load any of the EnterGel refills in these bodies with the use of a small spring. It seems that these pens are more popular overseas and that is a shame because they are fun to write with. Add them all to your collection.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

School Supplies 2015

Here we have some new items for the 2016 school supply season. These are the new Pentel erasers. Package on the left has all six colors.

Texas BICs. I am guessing that all the major schools will have their own BICs. First time I have seen nice BIC pencils in our local stores. BIC pencils have always been overseas.

Avengers papermate pencils. Had to have them for the collection. A pack of 24 BIC pencils in bright colors. I have always liked the bright colors. Takes me back to the 60s.

More Bright colors and designs by BIC. Like them all. BIC has outdone itself this year. Don't know if these pencils are found overseas. I am sure someone will let us know.

I just got the Lindy pen in and added it to the post. Smart Secretaries prefer the Lindy fine point pen. A great item to have in your collection. Sharpie electro POP markers. Add all these great school supplies to your collection. Want to thank people again for the visits. 300.000 plus hits.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pentels and Their Refills

Here we have a nice selection of Pentel Pens that can use the standard MG8 refill. Starting on the left we have three R-3s, four R-4s, a R-6 and a R-7. Middle set of four are the Red RX503 Excalibur, the RX401WO Slim Olympic Excalibur. Both RXs would have come with a MG8 refill. Next is the 0.3mm Excalibur which uses a SRM03 extra-fine refill. Last is a orange SP-308 which would come with a MG8 refill.  Next six starts with a green SR305 0.3mm followed by the SR-10-02A, SR10-03A and the SR10-04A. These pens use the 02mm, 03mm and the 04mm refills. Last is a RBH1 Superball pen that uses the BHM6 refill. Non of these pens are being made today. The red Excalibur, the green SR305 and the orange SP-308 came in many body colors. I only collected one from each type. Any original refills that came in these pens will fit any of these pens. I see that I have over 300,000 hits to this blog. Thank you all for the visits.

Here are some of the refills that still can be found. Starting on the left is the MG8, the MG8S. Middle one is the BHM6 and the last two are the SRM02 and the SRM03 refills. These are not all the refills that were made but these are the only ones that I have been able to fine that still work. Pentel still make the MG8 refill. All the refills are interchangeable with any of the above pens. You should have a Pentel rollerball pen in your collection.They are still one of the best pens out there. Add all these pens to your collection.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Moving Pentel

What I am doing is putting both Large Pentel cabinets together. I have had to get things better organized and the first step are the large cabinets. The one on the top hold the pencils and the one on the bottom holds that pens. I have more of both pencils and pens but I can only put 72 pencils and 72 pens in these cases. Three 8 track tape players to the left of the Pentels. Add them all to your collection.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pentel Statue of Liberty Set

I have been doing some trading with a fellow Pentel collector over the years from the east coast and I will be posting some of the items that I have received. Here we have the Pentel RC Statue of Liberty pen and pencil set. This set has never been used and includes the free Statue of Liberty pewter pin. The pen is a RC-20 clicroller and the pencil is the PC-255 clicsharp. The pencil is 0.5mm and has the vanishing point. When the point is extented for use a click of the pocket clip retracts the point. The pen requires the CFL6 refill that Pentel no longer makes so the cost on eBay and other sites is about $10.00 each. If you ever used one before you know why is it well worth the $10.00 cost. This is one of the most collectable of all the Clicroller sets. Add one to your collection.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

BIC 4 Way Update

 I have added three new BIC 4 ways to the collection. We have the all black and all white BICs on the bottom left and on the top row we have a black BIC with a lime green rubber grip that has a stylus on top. The BIC 2 ways are all on the bottom right. It is still hard to believer three are so many around the world. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Which One Did You Own?

This post is just something to look at while I work on other posts. These hooks that the cards are hanging on are about 6" long so I moves some items from the back to the front. Which ones did you own?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Counter Top Wearever

One of my biggest collections are cardboard, plastic and metal counter top displays. This great example is a Wearever Fountain Pen display. This one is made of cardboard and is in perfect condition. I do not have the correct Wearever fountain pens but I found two school Wearever pens to put in the display. These pens are a copy of the Sheaffer school fountain pens we all grew up with. To display these counter top displays I mount them all around the walls of my office so I can just sit at my desk or at my computer and just look at them. When you get old you have more time to do this. This display makes 44 in my office. Add them all to your collection. Go over the Pens and Pencils and see a great review of one of my Pentel pencils. The Old Geezer does it again.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pentel R-3s

Here we have five versions of the Pentel R-3. Starting on the left we a R-3 that has a small P on the pocket clip and right below the clip it has Pentel, Japan on the barrel. The next one has Pentel, R-3 and Japan right below the clip on the barrel. The third one has Pentel Japan on the barrel below the clip. Next we have what is called the second generation R-3. This one has a P on the top of the cap and Pentel Japan and in this case Disney on the back of the barrel. Last one is called the third and final version of the R-3. On this one the top of the cap is black and has Pentel in bold lettering just below the clip on the barrel. I also have a few second generation R-4s in blue and black. I have not seen a listing or a catalog for these second and third generation R-3s so I do not know if there are more out there. Everyone should have a R-3 in their collection.

Here are the tops of the five R-3. All these pens use the Pentel MG8 refill and can be bought at many different places to include EBay. Add all these great pens to your collection.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

JetPen Order

Here is my most recent JetPens order. All this stuff works fine with the Togo pencil being added to my Togo collection. Rest of the stuff is all pretty common items and all are doing their job. I did see that JetPens has added some Chinese fountain pens that look like a Lamy Safari fountain pen. Some people left some unfriendly comments about JetPens selling fakes. Not so and not fare. JetPens as most of you know has been the leader in bring stationary items to the US from around the world. If the Chinese want to make a pen that looks like a Lamy then fine. I prefer the Lamy but some people don't have the resources to spend a lot but still want to learn about a fountain pen. JetPens deserves our support. Add all these great items to your collection.