Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Even More BICs

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Here we have even more BIC pens. On the top is a standard BIC pen from the package in the picture. I do not remember this pen being sold by itself so it may have only been available in the pack. The cap of the pen is the old type with no hole. Next is a BIC Auditor's Fine Point. My first one of these and a great addition to the collection. I have posted the red accountant pen before but I have not posted the old version with the new. The old one is the blue one. Everybody who emailed me about the red BIC accountant pen will get one. Add them all to your collection.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

BIC Pocket Pen

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I remember when you could go down to your local store and buy one of these great pens. Those days are gone but they can still be found on eBay and by trading with others collectors overseas. The call these new ones the M10 Clic. It seemed to me that we called them just BIC Clics when they were here in the States. These pens are non refillable. In the picture is a non working orange one and my newest addition to my collection a carded yellow BIC pocket pen that writes in blue. On the right are four M-10s. The three pastel colors are from a pack I got from Australia. The blue one I think came from England. Add them all to your collection.

Papermate All-In-One Writing Pack

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I have already posted my Pilot and Pentel writing or school packs but I just got this Papermate one in. By far the most items of the three and for only $6.99. This Papermate set does have about all a person would need to get started and is displayed in a well designed package. Three erasers with two of them being click advance erases that I did not have. Four highlighters, Eight pencils and four packages of lead. Three Erasermate pens, six Profile pens and two gel pens. What else do you need? Add one to your collection.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New JetPen Order

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As I have said before you always need some new items to counter the old items so here is my JetPen order. Lets start with my Campus Binder Notebook. This is my second one and I do like them. My three new Rotrings, Rapid pro ball point, a 300 2.0mm and a Tikky Liner 0.7mm. All are great but have had some issues with how slow the refill kicks in on the Tikky Liner. Last is a Tombow Olno pencil. It works as advertised. Last some refills. All are great items to add to your collection.

80s Pentels

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All of the pens in this picture are listed in my copy of the 1984 Pentel catalog but not the pencils which are the four on the right. Starting on the left is the RBH1 Pentel superball refillable pen. Next are the three, 02mm,03mm and the 0.4mm Ceramicron SR10 refillable pens. Then the SR120 refillable pen and the four matching P125 0.5mm pencils in four colors. The only pens missing from the picture are my SR305 in green and my Excalibur RXT20 Technica Ball. All of these pens can use the standard MG8 rollerball refill or the Ceramicron refills. Add all these classic Pentels from the 80s to your collection.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 BIC Give Away

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These BIC Accountant Pens seem to be hard to find so I picked up three boxes with the idea of a give-away. All BIC collections need one of these. They are all brand new and they have the old fashion fine point in red ink. You can leave a comment if you want to but if you want one of these fine pens I need a email with a mailing address to moose@hot.rr.com. I will limit it to US only. I have about 24 to give away. They are also refillable. Add one to your collection.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Lindy Pens

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The third most popular post here in the supply room has been Lindy Pens. Lindy stick non refillable 460m pens have been one of my favorite pens of all time. I remember going to the local store in the 60s and early 70s and seeing the Lindy display with at least 12 different colors. The one color that I am still looking for is orange. In the picture you will see a rare Lindy display from the late 40s to early 50s. The display that I remember is in the top right of the picture. This old cardboard display shows the four basic colors that Lindy had at the time. It was some years later when they added the other colors. This is the first Lindy cardboard counter top display that I have ever seen. Non working Lindy pens are currently going for about $10.00 a piece on EBay so you can see that this display was not cheap. Well worth the cost if you are the Lindy pens biggest fan. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All My BICs

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Well not all of them but close. BIC pens have been one of the most popular posts here in the supply room so I thought we would just start off the new year and lay them all out at one time. Most have been posted as I got them but there are a few new items in the picture. The two main groups are the BIC Cristals and the BIC Wavelengths. Most of the never posted pens are wavelengths. The BIC company seems to have made a large number of variations to the wavelengths. My wavelengths that glow in the dark are not in the picture but in the middle row of the picture are the wavelengths that are called Color Shifts. The barrel changes color when to put them in your hand. Another new one is the Color Beams and I am not sure what they do other then write. There is also a large number of variations of these pens and their packaging from overseas. The purple case that goes from left to right across the table is the 1995 Jewel Collection from BIC France. There does not seem to be an end to the different types of BIC pens so I will not say add them all just what you can find.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Super Magic Diary

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Here we have a working My Super Magic Diary JD-6500 made by Casio. Never seen one before. I would think this item is from the early 90s, made for a child and has a digital pet dog of some type. I have been collecting some selected calculators and 8 track tape players so I added this one to the collection. This device keeps the time, has an alarm, telephone directory, calendar, fortune telling and match making, pet mode and you can send messages between two of these devices by infrared light. The instruction manual is 71 pages long. Add one to your collection if you have the time.