Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roll Top Plastic Pencil Boxes

Here are some of my favorite plastic pencil boxes, the Roll Tops. All three are made in the USA. The first two are made by the Hasbro Company.  I have not been able so far to find model numbers for Hasbro Pencil Boxes but the middle one seeem to have been made to look like the one on the right. The pencil box on the right is the Sterling Plastic model 526 which included pencils an eraser and a Sterling Plastic Model 525 6" plastic ruler.  The Hasbro boxes also come with ruler and pencils. Prices are high on these type boxes. The Hasbro boxes go anywhere from $25.00 on up and the Sterling Plastic Pencil Box starts at $65.00 for used ones and still on the card boxes go for about $125.00 on up. Mine was used but in great shape.

These boxes had all you needed for elementary school anywhere. Pencils, colored pencils, rulers and a sharpener. Add them all to your collection.


  1. I am on the search for a pencil box I had as a kid (70-80's). It was sold by a catalog company, Lillian Vernon. It was Red, about 4-5" wide x 8-10" Long x maybe an 1" tall. It was 2 levels with a slide off top. I believe it swiveled to access the bottom portion. Would love to find it.

  2. Would be nice to have a picture but I will look around.

  3. I have been looking for years for all kind of office supplies. If it was made it can be found. I called the company today and as is the case with many of our stationary companies, they do not keep records. Keep looking.

    1. If you have a question LMK and contact me at gobluejd AT gmail