Sunday, November 29, 2015

Scripto Pencil Collection

Here is most of the Scripto Pencil Collection. It has taken some years to get to this point and I find that I am always missing some.

These are the higher numbered pencils. Starting on the left we have the P 6150 from Korea and on the right the P 930.
 Here we have some out of order but on the left is the P870  and on the right we have the older 4-47s and some advertising pencils.

 Starting on the left we have the P650 and on the right with the P350 made in Japan.

 Starting on the left with the P350 US made, P300, CB300Y, P250, P210, P200 and last pencil is the K21 and the solid color K21. Last are the China marker, eraser and the typewriter eraser.
Here is another picture of the oldest Scripto pencils. If you buy right some of these old 50 plus year pencils work just fine. Thee are plenty more Scripto pencils out there so collect them all.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Executive Lindy Pens

Here are two very nice sets of Executive Lindy pens. The top one is a gold plated pen and the bottom one is a chrome plated pen and pencil set.  The pencil is a 0.9mm and the pen will be using a Fisher 4 N 1 refill.

I sent the gold pen to the Man Men and just recently picked up the chrome set. The chrome plated pen is going to the daily rotation. The pencil is broken.
Most people today have never seen these pens and pencils before so I am glad I picked them up. Not sure of the reason why so few are around. Checking EBay I do not see any of these pens.These show very little signs of ever being used. Add them both to your collection.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Parker Sales'man Sample Case

This is a very large Parker Salesman's Sample Case. Very well padded and in great shape. There are two cardboard inserts on the left and right side of the sample case.

Left side we have Parker Vectors Roller Ball Parker,  Vector ball point pens and pencils. Right side are Parker Jotters and Slingers.

Top left side we have the Vector Ball Point Pens and three Vector Pencils. Bottom left we have eight Vector Roller ball Pens.

In this picture are the Parker Jotters and three Parker Slingers. The Slingers use a standard Parker Jotter refill.  Add the all to your collection.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Scripto Pens and Pencils

We are going to have a few new posts on Scripto pens and Pencils starting with this nice set. I found this salesman sample case of pens and pencils and while I have most of them there are some new ones for the collection.

Open the case and this is what you will find. On the right is a T220 ball pen in black and yellow, a yellow T220G, blue T560, a black W610. Last is a green felt tip, pink wordpicker and a blue felt tip model 0-300. While playing with this case I broke the snap.

 Starting on the left we have a red P452 which is a solid color K750 but with a 0.9mm lead and a Top-Ad that holds the eraser. Next is another K752 in orange, a green P450.  A white P590, a red P350BG, yellow P360B, and last a grey K750. These are all pencils and appear to have never been used.

Here are the four of the pencils again. Red P452, Green P450, orange K752, grey K750. Add them all to your collection.  The Top-Ads are very collectible. More Scriptos to come. Add all these pens and pencils to your collection.

Friday, November 6, 2015

LIndy Pens For The Doctor

 I have one of the largest Lindy pen collections out there but I still run across new Lindy Pens that I have never seen or heard of before. Is is a complete counter top easel display with 24 pens. 12 on each side. They were all black ink even with the display showing 8 colors. Model M-410 Medico pens. I would think from the 50s or 60s. If you look at the bottom right you will see that these pens are Tested and Approved by Doctors, Technicians and Dentists. Very impressive.

 They even have the Medical logo on the pens which I believe is called a caduceus. Listing Culver City California puts them in the 50s or 1960s time frame. Later models did not have the city listed.

 Here is one of my Lindy pen displays. Hard to fine with the plastic cups.

 Here is another cardboard display. This is one of the oldest ones I own. I have switched out many of the original pens.

 Metal display for the Short Shortys.

 Here is my collection. Lindy pens, Scripto pencils and Sheaffer school fountain pens are what I grew up with. The Lindy Pen Company was the first pen company to come out with 12 colors. I have at least one of each color except silver and yellow if they made them. Not a lot of historical info on the Lindy pens or the company. Over the years the number of colors seem to change. When the company was sold to the Blackfoot Indians they came out with some pastel colors and later destroyed the company.

Bottom row are Lindy pens that were never meant to be seen by the public. Bottom center are test pens that were run on the printing wheel until they came out as you see them here. The clear short Lindys on the bottom row have different labeling on their sides. Again test pens. Lindy used many different pen types to try and come up with something to compete with the .19 cent BIC. BIC had a cap that was also the pocket clip and no printing on the side. Lindy had a metal pocket clip and plenty of printing on the side. Lindy could not complete. They did however sell plenty of their pens over the years and have a following to this day. Many older people have fond memories of their Lindy pens. I know I do.

 Here are some examples of their ball point pens with the turquoise one in the center being one of the longest ball point pens at 7".  Top right are the felt tip Lindy pens. These were some of the best felt tips out there in their day. They are missed.

 Here are different variations of the same color. My orange and purple Lindys are being used and not in the picture.  I am going to sell a few of the Medical pens to anyone who may be a Doctor or just wants to get a gift for someone in the medical field who may be a fan of Lindy pens. I will put a Cross or Pilot refill in the pens so you can write with them. Some collectors like them as is and that is fine. I can also change out the top plug and the cap out and put in a color. Interested? Just email me at Add all these great pens to your collection.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rotring Core Roller Ball Pens

Here are my three Rotring Core pens. The orange one in the middle is the new addition. I don't think these are made anymore and one should be in your collection. I am using international refills in two of them and a Cross roller ball refill in the new one. I am also getting a ball point pen to add to my collection. The Rotring Cores also have a fountain pen which I would think is more popular.