Thursday, April 5, 2012

More BIC Pens

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No BIC pen collection would be complete without including these great examples. We will start at the top with my two BIC Accountant pens. I am missing the AF-59 and AF-49. The model numbers correspond to the price of the pen. The next two are the yellow PF-49 and PF-39 Deluxe Fine Point Pens. Again I am sure that I am missing a few of these. Now we have have the orange F-25 and F-29 Fine Point Pen, the original Orange Fine Point BIC. Last of the fine points is the PF Fine Point followed by the BIC Auditor's Fine Point. Now for the medium BICs. First is the PM-39 Deluxe Medium Point BIC then the PM Deluxe Medium Point. Last at the bottom is the PM Medium Point Office Property BIC. I will be listing the few BICs that I am missing from this collection and I have extras to trade. Add all of these great pens to your Collection.


  1. You, sir, are a lucky man. Nice collection.

  2. It seems the more we look the more we find. I had no idea there were so many BICs.

  3. Can I take credit for that BIC on the top being part of your collection? :D

  4. Replies
    1. Pens 2 and 8 from the top appear to have modern French/Euro cartridges in them. Those pens originally came with metallic brown plastic inserts.

  5. Can someone elaborate on what was different, if anything, about the "Deluxe" versions?
    I always thought the Auditor's Fine Point was a regular Orange Fine with a beige barrel and regular cap.

  6. I put new refills in number 2 and 8 so I could use them.

  7. The Auditor's fine point is the beige barrel.