Friday, December 30, 2016

More P200s Plus

 Here we have some new pencils in the Supply Room. Starting on the left is a A110 CLEAN Pentel pencil. Next is a vintage Pentel P1075 with the old green eraser and needle for clearing broken lead.  Thanks Germ. Next are five new P205s in new colors. You have Serenity Blue, Navy, Coral Pink, Off White and Baby Pink. These pencils have the words "Automatic Pencil P200 0.5mm and a small P205 printed on the side. Last is a new Parker Jotter with "100 years, Open House August 12,1988 printed on the side. The five P200 pencils came from . Add all these great new and old pencils to your collection.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Papermates, Need More Room

Top two rows of this case are all Papermates. The two movies that were renting pens have both returned them to the Supply Room. I have added a few new ones so I am running out of room. Bottom row left has three non working Papermate Holiday pens.The rest of the row are Profiles and Caprices. All of them work.

 I cleared out some BIC pens so I could add more Papermate Pens. Top row are Malibu and Contour pens. Bottom row are 98s and more Holidays. All the pens in this case work. The three loose pens are in the daily rotation. Add them all to your collection.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Papermate Malibu Pen

Here are my Papermate Malibu pens at the time I wrote this post. I have more on hand because I opened the pens that I showed on 10 December Papermate and Sheaffer pen and pencil post. The reason I have so few of these pens is that I have three sets out on movies. Two sets are to be returned and one was sold. Malibu are very collectible and are still fun to use. Refills are still made. These are all in very good condition. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blackwing #530s

Here we have the newest addition to the Blackwing family. These are the Gold Blackwings Vol 530. The number 530 is a tribute to Sutter's Mill California Historical Site No. 530, where gold was first discovered.
Avery nice gold color, black eraser and black lettering. Add a box to your collection.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Papermate and Sheaffer Pens and Pencils

A nice early Christmas for me down in the Supply Room. Here we have a collection of Malibu and Contour pens. I have since taken them out so I can put them in cases but they are great to look at on the cards.

Here we have some Sheaffer Ball Point pens, a Sheaffer pencil and a Sheaffer Stylist pen. I love the pictures on the carded Sheaffer pens. These were also taken out of the cards and put in cases. All these pens are to be used on movies or TV shows if called for. Very popular pens because the refills are still being made and they work. Add them all to your collection.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Nice Christmas Gift

Just received this nice book on stationery call Stationery Fever.  Anybody with any type interest in stationery should pick up one for themselves or as a gift.  Friends of the Supply Room "Rad and Hungry" are in this book.

I picked up my copy at Amazon. Add one to your collection.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Caran d' Ache Pens

 Here we have some new pens in the Supply Room. On the left we have a complete set of Caran d' Ache Pop Dots pens. Next is a complete set of Street Art pens. Last is the Fluorescent orange pen. May start a collection of the other great Caran d' Ache pens. Add them all to your collection.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sheaffer "No Nonsense" Pen

 I have posted the two plastic pens before but the metal Non Nonsense pen is new to the Supply Room. In fact I had never seen a metal No Nonsense pen before. Well here it is. This one has advertising on the side which bothers some people but not me.

These three are roller ball or ball point pens. Add them all to your collection.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Best Vintage BICs Around

 Here we have two packages of BICs that are hard to find. On the left we have the BIC Wavelengths that Glow In The Dark. I'm a big collector of things that glow in the dark so these have been at the top of my want list. I do have two individual pens but not the complete set. On the right are the BIC Whirls Wavelengths. A very popular BIC to collectors and one of the best looking Wavelengths around. I don't know why BIC quit making these type of Wavelengths.

 A nice glow. Add all these great BICs to your collection.