Monday, December 15, 2014

December New Itens

Lets start on the left with my newest Nock pen holder. This one is the Lookout and has turned out to be one of my favorite. On top is a brand new 1980s Pentel PSD5. The one I had broke so Santa came through. Next is a niece Papermate Profile and a Executive refillable Flair. Every collection should have one of these. Cross refills are required to get the Flair working. Then we have a new Parker Jotter with a Indian pattern on the barrel. This should put me at at about 51 different Parker Jotters in the collection. Next is a Hi Tec C Coleto, white with gold trim from JetPens. Last is a Kickstarter project I signed up for. Most of the Kickstarter pens that I have been getting all use a Pilot Hi Tec C refill. I like those but sometimes I would prefer a wider point. This Takumi pens fits the bill. They list 50 different refills that will work in this pen and I have found a few more. You use the wrench to screw in the back of the pen to fit short or long refills I am using a Pentel EnterGel 0.5mm refill. Add all these great items to your collection and Please have a Merry Christmas.


  1. Are there any refills that will work with the Papermate Profile? It was a great pen, almost as good as the Jotter, but the cartridges were proprietary.

  2. I need plenty of those refills and I get them at Office Max.

    1. Wow, so they are still being produced by Papermate? I thought they'd ceased when the Profile was withdrawn. This is wonderful news.

  3. No they are not being made anymore but I found this set for sale and picked it up. They were good pens and if you can find one they still are.