Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scripto Thin Line 49 Pencil

These are great pencils and now you will be able to pick one up. A good friend to the supply room Hen Chung sent me these two Scripto Thin Line 49 pencils on cards and from Mexico. The one in the package on the left is broken. I have found these great Scripto thin line pencils in five colors but it is only the blue one that has the word Mexico on the side of the pencil. The other colors are yellow, black, orange and gray. I am missing the black one. These pencils work just like a scripto K780 but with 0.9mm lead. To get one from Mexico on the card you will need to go to Add them to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The New BAUX Pens

Some time back I signed up as a backer over at Kickstarter for the BAUX pen. They are custom machined aluminum pens that uses BIC Wavelength parts. They come in different colors plus the ones I have which are the plain aluminum color. The two that I received were the first two sent out and we thank Dan Conti founder and inventor of the BAUX pen for getting the first two delivered to the supply room. They come with or without a grip.  As you can see I received one of each. Each pen order comes with a plastic rod for both the BIC pen and the BAUX pen so you can remove the plug at the end of the pens. Thin rod is for the BAUX pen and the larger one is for the standard BIC Wavelength. Color combinations as you can see are endless. BIC advertising pens come in hundreds of variations. The four BICs on the right are the new BIC Round Stic Grips. The bottom BAUX pen in the picture now has a glow in the dark cap and plug while the other is a classic blue. Now that I have had time to use them both I think I like the grip BAUX pen better. All the backers get their pens first but I would think you will soon be able to buy these great pens.  Add them to your BIC collection.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New BIC 4 Way Pens

Will my BIC pen collection ever stop growing? I am currently at about 420 pens with no end in sight. Here are more new BIC 4 ways. On the left is the 1995 Jewel collection clear blue 4 way and the three original 4 ways.  As you can see there is no hole on top.  Next are the same three originals but with holes on top. Then we have two purple and two blue BIC 4 ways with rubber grips. One has the basic four colors and the other the pastel colors. I did not see that coming.  When BIC first added the pastel colors to a 4 way they put it in a lime green body. I have been told that there may be as many as ten new color bodies in the new BIC 4 way with grips. If BIC is offering pastels then we may have twenty new BIC 4 ways out there. Next is the Hello Kitty 4 way and the short version of the original with hole. Last are the BIC 2 ways. First four colors are metallic purple, blue, silver and pink. Then the original pink 2 way and the clear orange plastic 1995 Jewel collection 2 way. Add them all to your collection.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Neon Lamy

There are always plenty of good posts when it comes to Lamy Safari fountain and rollerball pens. I just received the new neon rollerball and ball point pens this past week and in the rotation they go. These new colors are great and for those who are interested the new neon yellow pens will light up under a black light. I don't have the fountain pen yet but I will and before they are all gone. Only the pink and orange pens in the picture are fountain pens. I was to late in trying to get pink, orange and blue Lamy rollerball pens. As a rule down in the supply room I do not use fountain pens because their are just to many pens in the daily rotation but on my last JetPens order I picked up some refills and the orange fountain pen is now being used. These are all great pens and should be part of your collection. PS, if anyone wants to trade a rollerball for a fountain pen in orange or pink let me know.

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