Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Else For Christmas

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Another item I got for Christmas was my third set of Scripto matic pens from the 50s. My last post was on September 28, 2010 where I posted my second set of these great pens. When you look at the older post you will see why I picked these up. My other two sets all have white push buttons on top. These have the hard to find red buttons. Plus there are three new colors, darker blue, brown and a forest green. The card is not in that good of shape but it does have more info out front then the other sets. Model number for these pens are T707s. Add them all to your collections.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1954 First Year Parker Jotter

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I am sure we will all be hearing what we got for Christmas so here is what I got. A 1954 First Year Parker Jotter. Looks close to the current model but there are some differences. No feather on the pocket clip and the barrel is ribbed with no metal tip. Some differences on the inside but still uses the same refill. Great Pen!!! I am not sure where the collection will go from here. They may be more colors and there are some different model over the past 50 years. Add them all to your collection.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sheaffer Soft Stroke Pen

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I have been collecting these carded Sheaffer pens and pencils from the 60s and 70s for some years but do not remember these Soft Strokes. They came out around 1968 because the free pen advertised on the card expires on March 31, 1969. I took one out and it is like a Papermate Flair Pen which came out in 1966. I seems that these Sheaffers just did not catch on but one should still be in your collection.

Monday, December 12, 2011

More BIC Pens

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We are starting to have a large BIC pen and pencil collection. These four BIC Pens are nice. Solid color bodies and all write in black ink. This surprised me because pens like these from BIC tend to use the same color ink as the body. All have black ink, 1.0mm point and Easy Glide printed on the side. Made in France but for the Chinese or Japanese market. All of these are now being used. Great Pens. I have more old BIC coming soon and I may lay all these great BIC pens and pencils out together. Add them all to your collection.

Monday, December 5, 2011

BICs From Canada

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Here we have a great 1980s carded BIC pen set featuring Wayne Gretzky. This is a great set of three BIC crystals with the old style smaller hole in the caps. There are also two different rollers. This card is in great shape and made in Canada. I bought this card from a company that sells sports stuff so it was kept in great shape. Don't see BIC carded pens with real faces on them anymore. Add this card to your collection.

Pac-Man New and Old

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Here we have the new Moleskine Pac-Man 30th Anniversary notebook with plain paper. I plan on using the notebook this next year. I do remember playing Pac-Man in the 80s so to go along with the notebook I added the 1980s Pac-Man erasers. These three are in great condition and will be great additions to the growing collection. Add them all to yours.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Papermate Zodiac Pens

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Back on 15 October of this year I showed my first Papermate Zodiac Pen and here we are on the 1st Of December with four more papermate zodiac pens still on their cards. These are great old pens. The cards show a date of 1969 so they were introduced right after the Papermate Ops N Pops pens in 1968. Of all the posts this past year I will have to rate the Zodiac pens up toward the top. A newly discovered everyday pen from 1969/1970. As you can see the original price was $1.59. I paid about $10.00 per pen. I can live with the $10.00 cost because the earlier Ops N Pops are now running at about $200.00 each. They were also a $1.50 pen in 1968. Add them all to your collections. What a nice Christmas present.