Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Mechanical Pencil

 A Mechanical Pencil that will last you a lifetime. That is how this pencil is listed on Kickstarter. The inventor of this great pencil is Andrew Sanderson and he is down in Austin Texas. Just about a hour plus from me. He sent a pencil to me to review and here it is. The pencil comes in both Aluminum and Brass. I had all ready signed on some time ago to support this great project so I was extra surprised to get to review one. His original goal was $4000.00 and it is now over $100,000.00 People want this pencil. I loaded my pencil with Pentel HB soft lead and it works great.

Here are the three main part to this pencil. As I said before you can not see the lines where the tip un-screws. It looks like solid piece of aluminum with no groves to grip. Because of the diameter of this pencil you do not need any grips.

Aluminum Pencil
Length: 5.7inch
Diameter: .375 inch
Weight: .66 oz
Lead size 0.5mm

There are 8 days left so there is still time to sign on as a supporter for this great pencil. Not only will you get the pencil but there are also some stretch goal rewards. Add one to your collection.  Just google a mechanical pencil that will last a lifetime and his page will come up.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Winner 1st Give Away 2015

Here are the winners from our first of the year Give Away. Our winner is Dan Goldman and the runner up is Sue K. Just send me an email at I have stuff for both of you.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stateside Co. Notebooks

I signed up again on a Kickstater project for notebooks. They are called the Stateside Co Notebooks and can be made with any of the States. They are all hand-made, using French and Tomoe River Paper in Portland Oregon. You can go over to Kickstarter and search Stateside notebooks and order some with your State.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rad And Hungry

Very few people get to go around the world and shop for office/school supplies but that is just what the folks at Rad And Hungry get to do. They bring the supplies back to the States, box them up and sell them by the box/country or by subscription. Each trip is a different box of supplies. This is the second or third set I have bought. This one is from Slovenia. In this box I got the ball point pen which was a Red Dot winner along with the plastic tape dispenser, extra roll of tape, and notebook. Pencils were a separate item. The box will also include notes about their trip. What a job. These boxes do sell out so go over to and take your stationary trip around the world.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1st Give Away Of 2015

Here we have my first Give Away of the new year. There will be two main items plus a few extras. First is the Tombow AirPress pen. I have had one for some times that I got from Jetpens and it has always been in the daily rotation. These pressurized pens work great but to learn how just read the above details on how they work. Give Away will be for the white one still in the package because the other is in my pocket. This is a great pen to start the new year with. More details at
Next item are the Q-Pins. One of these packages is open and I have been putting them up all over the Supply Room. Before you had to stick a pin through the paper as you hung it on the wall. Now you can stick paper or charts up on the wall without putting holes in the paper. They work just fine. More info at For the Give Away. First sign on as a member, next leave a comment by 11 Jan 2015. I will be adding more items to this Give Away so sign up. US only please.