Friday, October 10, 2014

Pentel Clic Erasers

Here we have my Pentel Clic Eraser collection. Pentel just came out with their new ZE23s and it is a great addition to the line up. Top left are three of my orginal ZE21s. I started collecting these erasers in the mid 70s. Number four is the ZE21 with the red eraser and hot colors, next is a Pentel Rock 'N Write ZE21MB. Next two are the translucent ZE21Ts with the new S pocket clip. Last in the row is the ZE22. Right top is a solid color ZE15 Ain Clic followed by a translucent Ain Clic ZE15. Below that is a solid blue Pentel Tri Eraser ZE-15 followed by a green translucent Tri Eraser ZE-15. Below that is a Pentel ZE32 Hyperaser and then a yellow squared ZE80. Now we come to the new ZE23 erasers. These have a clear plastic body and a colored eraser. They come in purple, pink, green and blue.

These are a great addition to any collection and work just fine. I am glad to see Pentel come out with a new eraser in great colors. Add all these great erasers to your collection.

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