Monday, February 28, 2011

Lindy Steno Fine Point

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Here we have two examples of The famous Lindy Steno Fine Point #467-F that sold for .49 cents. These are a little older then the other examples I have posted because the have the logo and where they were made on the far right end of the pens. They were made in Culver City California. At least 40 years old these two appear to have never been used. One of them now works with the new refill I put in. These had the gold plated pocket clips while most of my other examples had the silver color. Add them to your collection. In their day Lindy ruled.

New BIC Pens

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Here we have some new old items to add to the supply room collection. They are some great examples of past BIC pens. On the left is a real nice carded set from the 70s. A BIC Accountant pen with two free BIC crystals. The card is in great shape. Next is a set from France which I have never seen here in the States. Orange BIC Rounds in three colors. The orange barrels are nice. Last are two rare BIC Wavelengths that glow in the dark. Just put them by the light and they are ready to go. They just do not make pens like these anymore. Add them all to your collection.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pedigree Compass

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Here we have a 1970s Pedigree Compass. Pedigree is owned by the Empire Pencil Corporation in Shelbyville Tennessee. The compass itself was made in Taiwan. The compass and the card are in great shape. We all used these growing up and one should be in your collection.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New and Old Stuff

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On the left is the four pack of Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighters. These have been my favorite for many years and I do like the plastic case they come in. This set has yellow, green pink and blue. Next is a old two hole Rotring pencil holder/case in blue. I have my two Rotring 600s in the case. The case is in great shape and I don't think I have seen one before. On the top is my new Faber Castell TK9400 2mm pencil. Next in line is my new Rotring 500 0.7mm pencil. It maybe plastic but it is a good one. Rotring Tikky stick eraser in next. I put my Pentel ZE15 in the picture because it is the newer version in clear green. Do like the clear ones. Last is a Helix 2mm all metal pencil. I like this pencil because it advances the 2mm lead one clic at a time like my Staedtler 925-25-20. Add all this new stuff to your collection.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sterling Plastic T Square Plus

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Here we have two new old items for the collection. On the left is a hard to fine Sterling Plastic #640 Blackboard eraser that can be used wet or dry. On the right is a wood grain Sterling Plastic #641 T-Square with 12" ruler. Both are from the mid 70s, are about 35 years old and are in great condition. I may open up and use the T-Square. Add them both to your collection.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2mm Lead and Pencils

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It seems I have more lead then pencils. Here awhile back I saw these Faber Castell drawing leads in these nice clear green tubes so I jumped on them. These must be old because Faber Castell uses different container for their 2mm lead today. Most all these tubes are full. I have used some of the lead and they work fine. May give away a few of them if someone is interested. I know there are plenty of 2mm fans out there. As for the pencils go most are current models but I will point out the Staedtler 925-25-20 on the left and the much older Universe 200 with the lead indicator down the side of the pencil on the right. add them all to your collections.

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Items

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Here we have two new items in the supply room. On the left is a eraser for the Pilot Hi-Tec-C. Have not seen one before and it was fun to see who would be first on the shelf with it. Picked it up at On the right is the Pentel all metal Energel alloy pen in black. I also found it in pink. This pentel surprised me because I found it in a local stationery catalog at Never seen either one of these new items before. Add them both to your collection.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unisonic Calculators

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Here we have the end of an era. On the left we have two nice old unisonic calculators from the 70s and on the right we have two fairly new unisonic calculators. The old ones still work. We have the smaller 940 made in Japan and the larger 1040 made in Taiwan. They were sold for many years through K-Mart. These calculators had the large VFD green display which were easy to read. The ones in the package are made in China and are no longer sold in K-Mart stores. These new ones should just about be the end of unisonic. If you can find one of the old ones with the blue, orange and white buttons and the green VFD display add it to your collection.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sterling Plastic Architect's Scale

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Here we have two Sterling Plastic architect's Scales model number 682. These rulers are from the 60s, US made and are in great shape. The cards are dated 1965. In the 60s Sterling Plastic only used red and white colors on their packaging. 70s they added blue to the packaging. Sterling Plastic was the leader from the 50s to the 70s in plastic low cost school and office supplies. Add them all to your collection.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Pen and Pencil Sets

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Here are some new to the supply room old pen and pencil sets. Top left is an interesting pen set. There are two ball point pens. No name brand but they are 14K gold Filigree perfumed pens. The barrels have the gold design and I should be able to get them to work. 60s or late 50s I would think. The next two are pen and pencil sets with no name brand but the pencils are 0.5mm so that should put them in the 70s. Bottom left is a nice Scripto fountain pen with pencil set. I have a pencil like this already in the collection but I still do not have a model number for it. Scripto did have some pencils that were only sold as sets and I believe this would be one of them. Late or early 60s The fountain pen is a bladder filled pen. Last is a Sheaffer set. The ball point has what is considered the best click mechanism ever made. They are good pens. Since I already have some sets like this so if there is some intest I may get the pen working and do a give away. The pencil works fine but the eraser is hard. Add them all to your collection.