Sunday, March 31, 2013

Waterman's Set

Posted by PicasaWaterman pens started in 1884 with their first factory in Seymour Connecticut. The first pens that they made were fountain pens but in the late 40s with diminishing sales of fountain pens the company started making high end ball point pens. In more recent times the company was bought by BIC and in the 60s  BIC discontinued most of the Waterman line with some of the high end pens still being made in France. This set from 1958 had all you needed to be ready for a days work or out on the town. Could have been used by any of the men on the TV Show Mad Men. This set had a ball point pen and pencil both in excellent condition, tie clip, cuff links and a money clip. What else did you need? As nice as the pen is I still have not gotten it to work. Most ball point pens have a spring that is about one inch long. This type of Waterman ball point pen has a spring that is as long as the refill. I have in the past got a few of them working for the TV show Mad Men so I am still working on this one.  Add all this great stuff to your collection. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Parker Jotters

Posted by PicasaHere are some new and old Parker Jotters. On the left is the original 1954 Parker jotter. The next one is a turquoise blue Jotter from Wall Mart and is a current issue. 2012 Special Edition is the white with the dimonds Jotter. This pen comes in three colors.  Next is a current translucent red with the decorated top. The purple one is the 50th anniversary of the Jotter. This has a small 50 on the top and has no feathers on the pocket clip. Parker has many different 50th anniversary Jotters and many can still be had. Last is the newest Jotter. Green metallic and no tip just like the 1954 model. This is the Parker 125th  Anniversary Pen. On the back of the pen in small letters are the word "Parker" and below that is  "125 years". I have found this pen in four colors,Gold, Green, Red and Blue all metallic. Add them all to your collection.   

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Lindy Pens

Growing up in the 60s and even into the 70s I always liked Lindy pens. I remember them because there was always a rainbow of colors and sizes to pick from. I also remember when you could get a dozen on Ebay for pennies because nobody wanted them. This is one of my best collections.  I am missing some of the Lindy pens used for advertising but the basic pens that were made from the 1940s to the 1980s are in my collection. The case on the top left has some of the pens that were put through the printing machine and just left there. Lindy never intended for the public to see these pens but thanks to a friend in Woodland Hills California the pens are in my collection, Thanks Teresa. The clear experimental Lindys were also never intended to see the light of day yet here they are. I do know I am missing two of the original thirteen colors yellow and silver. The bottom row of Lindy ball points pens are another matter. I have most of them but I am sure there are some ball point click pens out there I do not have yet. That however is all part of the fun. I have added Lindy pens to my list of pens that I will be selling and I will have both working and non working. The four loose Lindy pens at the bottom right are the ones in the daily rotation.  Add all these great pens to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sterling Plastic Pencil Box

We have plenty of stuff down in the supply room to post but I had to put these outstanding Sterling Plastic pencil boxes up front. These are in the same condition now as they were when they were made in 1981. Cardboard is in great shape, the boxes have pencils inside and are model number # 622. They boxes are 32 years old and made in the USA. What a find. I have some of these boxes but none of them were carded. The year 1981 was very close to the time Sterling Plastic was closed down. What a loss for all of us. For those of you that may want to get yourself one the website is  Add these great items to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More 70s Papermate Stuff

We showed you the Papermate Rolli Bolli, the Chuckler pen holders some time back and now we have the green Papermate froggy. All of these pen holders came with new Papermate Malibu pens. This is another one of those 70s Papermate desk pen holders and I do not know how many different ones were made. I have been lucky because all of these holders look like they have never been used and since I took this picture I have added another green froggy. This one did not have a pen so I added a Papermate Contour Rally which will do just fine in the new froggy. This new froggy will show up in future posts. The other two carded pens in the picture are nice additions to the collection. The yellow pen is a retractable ball point pen and the blue pen is regular stick ball point. These two pens are dated 1972. Add all these great items to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update The Parkers

Here we have all my Parkers to date.  Top are the Parker Jotters, three more Jotters on second row left side then five Parker 45s and a Parker 15.  Last are the Parker Vectors. As you can see I have added the stainless steel Vector, a green camouflage to go with my sand camouflage and a green translucent. New red translucent Parker Vector is still in the package on the far right. Parker Jotters and the Parker Vectors seem to be getting more popular these days and for good reason. They are great Pens. I would almost guess that there are more Vectors then Jotters. Many companies around the world use the Vector for advertising. Three of the Parker 45s are currently out west at Mad Men getting some TV time. On a sad note I was asked to send a red Papermate Ops N Pops Pen to Mad Men for some TV time this past week and the pen got there a day late. I have asked that the pen get some TV time during the next few weeks. I am also repairing a 60s  Scripto "Twiggy" pens for Mad Men. Just type in Scripto Twiggy Pen , top left corner of the blog and you will be able to see my Twiggy Scripto Pen. Great Item. Add all these pens to your collection. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Pentels

Posted by PicasaPentel has done a good job of adding new colors to the Sharp 200 series pencil that I first bought in Germany in the mid 70s. The first six on the left have been out for a few years now and I am sure many of you have them in your collections by know. The white one is sticking up a bit  because when I carry one of these in my shirt pocket I change out the tip to a sliding sleeve. Then the two in the middle are the silver and gold. pencils. On the right are the four new ones. All these new colors are pale but still nice. Starting on the left side of the four we have the Rose Gold, then Sky Blue, Rose Pink and last Mint. This is a classic pencil and all twelve colors should be in your collection. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sterling Plastic Pencil Sharpeners

I believe I have posted most of these SP pencil sharpeners before but I have one new addition. So far the most expensive Sterling Plastic item that I have seen is the roll top pencil box. I have seen them from $100.00 and up. I do not have one yet. What I did get was a Sterling Plastic pencil sharpener in the shape of a roll top pencil box. Bottom right is SP#603. The hole for the pencil is on the side and you roll back the pencil box to remove shavings. There does not seem to be an end to the variety of different pencil sharpeners from Sterling Plastic so I do not know how many different sharpeners they made. I do have a few more but they are still on cards. Add them all to your collection.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 3, 2013

1 March New Stuff

We always seem to have new/old items down in the supply room. Pedigree erasers and a pre-school pair of scissors. I picked up another Papermate Rolli Bolli with a brand new black Papermate Malibu pen. If you see one of these Papermate Rolli Bollis around grab it. A new Propus highlighter from JetPens and two more Hallmark pens. On the right are some Skilcraft 0.5mm lead and erasaers plus some green HB 0.5mm lead with Amazing Night written on the top. Next are my three Mont Blanc roller pens. Last is the watch. A old Timex called a Flying Saucer watch. It is a nice retro watch for my collection. Add all this new stuff to your collection. I am starting to sell some of the extra pens and they can be found at the bottom of this page. Posted by Picasa