Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turquoise Collection

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I have been asked by some local followers to post part of my turquoise collection and since it includes a pen here it is. Lets start at the bottom with the rings. I have been collecting these for some time. My favorite one is the 17 1/2 carat fire agate which is the top left ring. Up at the top is a customized Buck 110 folding knife with turquoise grips and file work down the blade and spine. Middle is a pock knife called a sunfish. Then we have a Zippo lighter with turquoise. On the right is my biggest cuff watch band made by Eddie Spenser. It is solid silver and has 19 turquoise stones in it. Last is the turquoise ball point pen. This pen which also has some azurite and malachite in it, is made of reconstituted turquoises. The pen uses a cross refill. Add them all to your collection.