Monday, October 31, 2016

BICs For Sale

Here some time back I was asked if I had any BIC pens for sale or BIC starter sets of US made BIC pens. Answer now is I do. Here we have F25 Fine Point pens and the AF-49 Accountant pen by BIC. As you can see from the picture many of these pens have the extended plug and the cap with no hole. Both safety issues that were later corrected by BIC. Collectors always want the ones with extened plugs. I chewed on plenty of those.

Here we have a few BIC Cristals with the extended plug. Don't have many of those.

Here we have a few layed out as sets. AF-49 black, AF-49 blue with extended plug, AF-59 blue, BIC Cristal, and Yellow Fine Point blue or black with extend plug.
Here is a nice picture of the pens. Any one interested in buying a set let me know. I will be adding a few more pens to the set.


  1. Send some X-fine or fine to me. i have a riend who loves em. we'll figure negotiations later. ;)

  2. I know it has been a few months since you posted this, but do you have any bic F25's left?

  3. Plenty of BICs for sale. Email me at

  4. Wonderful collection. I remember the Accountant Fines in my mom's purse in the early '70s.

    I have a P25 with the full brass nib that I found at an estate sale. The pen feels slimmer than the current design.

    What was the difference with the Deluxe Medium and Deluxe Fine pens? Deluxe Medium was the tan body.

  5. Loved those Bic Bananas in the early '70s! Loved the 10-packs with the white bodies and the ones sold individually with the yellow bodies and cap with a clip.

  6. I would love to buy some Bic Auditor’s Fine Point Pens that have a white body and a blue or black cap & a Metal clip. Please let me know, Thank you, Margaret Flanagan

    1. Unknown, These I can do. Do you want them to write? These are the AF-49s.

  7. I would like to buy black or blue accountant fine points if you still have any availeable. TC