Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lower End Pentels Plus Slicci

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Pentel does have a nice assortment of low end pens. This is not complete and I have no idea how many Pentels are out there but this is what is currently in the Supply Room. Most of these are found here in the US with a few exceptions. Number seven is the blue Pentel Stylo which I got from Ricardo followed by all the green R-50s, R-56 in pink and the blue BH16 also from Ricardo, the others are from England and Australia but made in France. Next is a RSVP that has been taken apart, painted so it will glow in the dark and sold on EBay. I added my two Slicci multi pens because I had two more slots to fill. Add them all to your collection.


  1. George,

    What is the blue pen between the Hybrid Technica and the Sunburst?

  2. It is a BK70,metal point 0.5mm ball point. Do not remember where I got it. It is also refillable with a BKL7 refill.

  3. Hey if you or ThirdeYe are intrested I might have some in various colors