Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rotring Tikky Collection

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Rotring Tikky is a brand everybody should have in their collection. All are pencils except for the first one on the left. Most of these are the common types available but I did go out of my way to get the clear blue 0.5mm pencil and the vanishing point white 0.7mm pencil. The last four on the right are the new Papermate Tikky pencils in 0.5 and 0.7mm. Add them all to your collection. Thanks for the eraser Ricardo!


  1. Nice! How do you like the Paper Mate Precision? I saw some at Office Depot last night but opted for the new Sharpie Pens in Medium instead.

  2. Oh, wow, brief moment of stupidity there, I didn't realize they were the same as the Tikkys. Neat, I might have to get some of those.

  3. Tikkys are very nice, a classic mechanical pencil, I own quite a few myself. They are very reliable, I like the original model the most, mainly the non-Tikky Tikkys, the "T" and "TS" models, the ones marketed to professional draftsmen. You're welcome on the eraser, I hope I will be able to send you a couple more rOtring eraser models soon... along with a few more items.

  4. My mother used to buy these Rotring technical pen sets, which often included a Tikky as well. So I've had a bunch of them. I guess the only one that I dint had is the Tikky III. Great reliable pencils, and I think I will buy some only for the sake of it.

  5. I'm an avid collector of rotring pencils and recently picked up some pre german reunification Tikky TS's which are realy nice along with a 900 Side Knock pencil.

    The tikky's are hard to beat at their price point.

    Love the vanishing point need to get myself one of those!

    Dubai Wanderer

  6. I have a yellow Tikky ball point with a body similar to the white pencils on the right. It writes really well and is comfortable to hold. I may need to add another one to my collection.