Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special Offer From Lindy

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You could have gotten in on this special offer back in 1968. A fine point Lindy Auditors pen with a free Short Shorty which I use to call a mini. You could buy all this for .49 cents. The pen has the hard to find gold Lindy pocket clip. I do not remember seeing short shortys for sale by themselves so this was how you could get one. Lindy sued BIC over the use of the name Auditors because both companies used the name on their fine point pens. Lindy lost. As I have said before the Lindy Pen is a big part of our pen and pencil history so pick one up for your collection.


  1. George, it's a fun coincidence that you posted this. Check out my post with a Bic Auditor's Pen in it.

  2. I remember using the Lindy short shortys when I was in high school. The ink had a distinct (not unpleasant) smell. I think I had pink and purple ink.....wish I'd hung on to those.