Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lindy Pencil or Not

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Lindy Pens are always a popular post in the supply room but I have never posted or seen a Lindy Multi Pencil before. I say it is a Lindy because of the pocket clip. The clip is Lindy. It is also twice as large as any Lindy pocket clip I have ever seen. It fits perfectly with no scratch marks. This is a three way multi pencil with blue, red and gray 1.0mm lead. In the picture the red lead is fully extended and you must hold the sleeve and twist the pencil to extend more lead. This pencil is about 50 or maybe 60 years old so I put 50 year old red and blue lead in it. Gray lead is from a current Scripto K21. When you fully extend the lead and hold the pencil in your hand it does feels like a drafting pencil and it would feel right at home in a drafting pencil case. The metal eraser cap is covered by hard plastic. I have never seen a Lindy Multi Pencil before. Anybody out there seen one or know what this one is? Add it to your collection.

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