Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lindy and Blackfeet Indian Pens

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Lindy has always been a great pen for me. The first US company to come out with 13 colors. Nice style, wrote well and came in different sizes. The Lindy Pen Company was sold to the Blackfeet Indians and moved to Montana where in the 90s the Lindy Pen Company was put to rest. At the time of the sale the Blackfeet Indians also got an on going lawsuit with BIC which in the the early 90s Lindy lost. I have posted the Lindys before except for the very small Lindys on the left and the Blackfoot Indian pens on the right. The Blackfeet Indian pens were made about the same time in the late 80s or early 90s as the Lindy pen on the card but do not have the Lindy logo. The pens have the same cap as a Lindy and say Blackfeet Indian Med Pt. All of them still work. Blackfeet Indian made pencils have always been collectible and I hope the pens join that group. It is sad to see a fine company like Lindy go away. During the 60s the Lindy Pen display stand in your local store was something to see. The second most emails I get are from Lindy Pen fans. Add all the Lindy and Blackfeet Indian pens to your collection.


  1. I'm enjoying all of your pen posts!

  2. I have been trying to find a lindy utility pen..and a shorty pen to buy...but I'm not having much luck...would you happen to know any sellers?

  3. Email me at i have some Lindy pens for sale.