Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hero 359 Fountain Pen and Roller Ball Set

Are we back? Yes but a local computer person had to research and teach me how to do it. Blogger and Picasa are still not working like they should but now I know how to get around it. Here we have a Hero 359 (Made in China) Fountain pen and roller ball pen set. They are interchangable and seem to work fine. I would like Lamy to do something like this. The roller ball pen uses a different size refill then Lamy so be ready for that. It is still a nice idea. I do like the purple and I do hope Lamy's next new color is some type of purple. This has been hard not being able to blog. I missed it. I have however been collecting some great items to post so be ready. Add these great pens to your collection..


  1. Glad to be back. I do not know computers like I should so I missed out on these work around procedures. I am now ready to get back to work!!!