Monday, May 1, 2017

Pentel Techniclick Pencils

I think I have them all. It seems that every time I tell myself that I find more but this time I think I may have them. These are the Pentel Techniclick pencils. Most are not being made anymore but people still buy and collect them. I have seven different versions for a total of forty pencils. Six on the bottom right are extras.

Top row on the left we start with the seven original PD105Ts and the PD107Ts followed by the three Aim Supplio PD 265s. I picked up these three from JetPens. Next are the seven PD235Ts and PD 237Ts Techniclick 2s. Last in the row are the seven Techniclick Razzle Dazzles.

Starting on the left we have the five PD 305s and PD 307 Techniclick Gs. Next are the six PD 245s and PD 247s which they call Pentel T3s. Last are the five Techniclick PD 105Cs.  Add all these pencils to your growing collection.


  1. Great Techniclick collection, I like the Razzle Dazzle ones.
    Reviewing your pencils, I'm afraid that you do not have them all.
    There's another family, the PD105T-FR, PD105T-KR, PD105T-PR, PD105T-SR, PD105T-VR and the 0.7 mm versions PD107T-FR, PD107T-PR and PD107T-SR.
    They might look the same as the PD105/7C, the difference is that the colors are slightly faint or clearer than the PD105/7C plus the printed letter T instead of C.
    For a serious collector as you are, you might want to hunt them down, I've seen them both and as I said before the difference is subtle, still are different pencils. Here check'em out.

  2. I know it. I don't think I have seen those pencils and knew what I was looking at. Since you say they look close I need to relook at my extras that are not in the picture. What county were those pencils sold in? I guess I need to check the link. As I have said many times " The hunt continues".

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  4. Now I see. New ones from Mexico. The hunt does continue.

  5. Yes, they're currently being sold in Mexico. The 0.5 mm versions, Mexican Office Depot stores have them IIRC. As for the 0.7 mm versions, in large Mexican stationary retailers.
    Happy "hunting". I'd love to see all these new ones in your collection in a near future and, of course, posted here as well.

  6. I new it but I did not expect to find 14 new Techniclick pencils in one day. 8 from Mexico and 6 from Europe for a total of 54 pencils.

  7. Wow, I didn't expect to find even more...
    The original Techniclicks from Japan under the name "Pianissimo" with metallic chuck. They won the Good Design Award back in 1997. There's also ball point pens.

    The pencils are: PD205 (PD205-A,B,C,D) and the PD215 (PD215-A,B,C,D,F,G,P).
    These PD215s came with colored leads.

    The ball point pens: BK220 and BK230

    Motif ones as well, I saw a Kitty one; rubber grip versions like the PD235s/PD305s and more...

    Here's the proof:

    The PD205s:

    The PD215s:

    The ball point pens:

    The Kitty one:

  8. No one person would ever know that there are so many versions of this pencil. Why did Pentel do this? I don't remember that pencil being a big hit over the years. You could fill another case of 48 with the many different ones that have been brough to my attention. The hunt does continue.

    1. Looking to buy lindy ink pens gold and brown included please reply

  9. Unknown, I should have been clearer. I can sell red, black and blue. Sometimes purple and green. I can not get refills for gold and brown. I wish I could.