Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pentel Sharplet Collection

The Sharplet collection is coming along just fine. Have added at least sixteen new pencils. I am now out of space.

 Added a rare Pentel 120 A2 0.3mm Sharplet. This one was not cheap.

 Added two Sharplets from Walt Disney and the rare blue on blue 0.7mm pencil. You will see two 0.7 and 0.9 pencils. They are different. One has the word Japan after the A127 and the A129 and the others do not.

 Here we have five sets of pencils with one having the A125 and the other has A125 Japan. Based on this I am still missing some pencils.

  Here is a complete set of Aim 0.5mm pencils. Eight in the set. These pencils don't have Japan after the model.

 Here are two pencils with the Japan after the model so I am missing the without. The hunt continues. Add all these great pencils to your collection.


  1. Why cant i find any information on these pentel pencils!? i love the feel of the pentel sharplet-2 pencils, but im sick of only finding the three generic styles. where do you usually get these from, and do you know why they are so rare?

  2. Unknown, email me at

  3. Hi, do you have any idea where can I get Pentel Sharplet-2 A123 pencil? I've been looking for it for ages with no luck...