Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another Pentel Technomatic

Had to add another one to the collection. If nothing else I have something to trade. This one is brand new yet almost 40 years old. This pencil has the continuing feed of the lead like the new Pentel Orenx PP3003 I posted a few posts back. The big difference is that the Orenz has a sliding sleeve or pipe that re-tracks almost completely and the Technomatic re-tracks about half the lenght of the pipe. The pencil is 5" long so even with the pipe still out you can carry in your pocket without stabbing yourself.

The new one has a green eraser with a needle to clean out broken lead. Add one to your collection.


  1. These are awesome. I may have to attempt to hunt one down!

  2. You have to keep on this. These old Pentel pencils are getting harder to find. Currently there is a seller on eBay that came across two boxes of old Pentels. Some of the items are still on eBay. I believe that he has only listed the first box.

  3. Could you send me a photo of the technomatic manual?