Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Pentel Pop n pop.

There is a seller on eBay with the name of sellers name of dalyspenshop. I talked to him for some time and it seems that he bought two boxed of Pentel items from a person who worked at Pentel. This pencil is one that I did not have. I spent more money then I wanted to but you do what you need to do so I won the bid. Lets just say over $100.00 was spent.  Like I said I spent more then I wanted to.

Great example of a PD335 Pop n pop pencil. Still looking for the back ground of the Pop n pop meaning. I have a friend who worked for Pentel for over 30 years and has now retired. I am told that she may be working on a blog to show her collection. I just hope that this is true because we need an expert from Pentel to get us all going in the right direction. Add all these great pencils to your collection.

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