Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Techniclick Pencils

Back on 1 May 2017 I posted my complete Pentel Techniclick pencil collection. I said I may have all of them. Well I was not even close. Since 1 May I have added eleven new pencils. That makes nine different versions of this pencil for my collection. I liked the Techniclick pencil but I never though that there would be so many different versions from around the world. The new pencils are the six new PD 227s on the bottom right and the five new PD 105Ts at the top right. The 105Ts have the same model number as the orginal PD 105Ts top left. As you can see they do not look the same.

These are from Europe and are called Clic a Color. The color of the side button is the color of the lead. The model of these pencils are PD 227.

These are from Mexico. These are the five 0.5mm pencils and I am missing the three 0.7mm pencils. As you can see they are a different tint then the other clear pencils in the collection. The model number of these pencils are PD 105Ts. Add all these great pencils to your collection.


  1. Hello, I have a page in instagram, @pentelofbrazil, where I share collections of combs all over the world, I am also a collector, I was enchanted with your collection, from the past there on my page, hug and congratulations to the collection

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