Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Pencils

Posted by PicasaHere we have two new pencils down in the supply room. On the top is the OHTO SUPER PROMECHA 0.5mm pencil. I already had the regular PROMECHA and it was time for an upgrade. This pencil has not received the best of reviews over at JetPens but it has worked fine for me. There is plenty of things to adjust on this pencil like the guild pipe and the amount of lead that is dispensed. The new Smash is another story. This pencil has a following. I have the black Smash and it has stayed in my pentel case. Now we see all these cool new colors. I picked up the green one but they also come in red, pink,white and blue. Pentel has been coming out with new colors to their standard line of pencils. The best part of this Smash is the size. The pencil fits just fine in your shirt pocket without sticking you. I get plenty emails about the one black Smash in my collection. Add them all to your collection. 

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  1. Nice find on the Pentel Smash! so far I'm only seeing them in Ebay postings from Korea. Might consider getting one if Jet Pens gets them in.