Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Hallmarks

The pens and pencils in the middle display case are the ones that I have posted before. My new additions are on the right side and left side of the display case. These pens are complete. Cardboard box, pen display box, instructions and the pens plus refills. I will start on the left with a complete Walnut wood pen and my first one with gold trim. The ball point appears to have never been used. That pen was bought for $20.00. What a steal. As good as that ball point was the next pen is even better. The pen on the right is a Walnut felt tip pen. I already had one and is the pen on the right side of the display case. I was thinking that I would never get to see a Hallmark felt tip pen work again. They are not like the ball points that will work with an adapter and a cross refill. The two refills that came with this never used felt tip pen from the 80s WORK and the pen is in my pocket right now. Like the ball point I got a good deal on the felt tip as well. Hallmark pens have always been in the top three most visited posts in the supply room and are highly collectable. Add them all to your collection. Posted by Picasa

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