Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Uni Mitsubishi and Give away

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First things first. Since only six people left comments I will give away three Red Goose notebooks. If Number 4 Surfbits, Number 5 Chainoil and Number 6 Kathy will email me with a address at moose@hot.rr.com I will get your Red Goose Notebooks in the mail.

I picked up these two Mitsubishi Jumpop pens on eBay the other day because I had never seen them before. They have certainly never been on the shelves of any store here in Central Texas. As we have seen many of the pen companies like Cross and Zebra and others make a small pocket size pen and the Mitsubishi Jumpop pen is as good as any of them. I am using the orange one as I post this and it seems to work and write fine. If you need a small pocket size pen these will do the job. Not sure if they are still being made or not. Add them to your collection.

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