Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pentel Twist-Eraser Click

Currently Pentel has many different low cost plastic mechanical pencils on the market here in the USA. Which ones could become collector items in the future? That is the question. I picked two from the current list. The Techniclick and the Twist-Eraser Click. I have 34 different Teckniclicks in my collection which I posted on 26 May. Pentel USA list 11 Twist-Eraser Clicks for sale. Here are all 11. The one in the package is a duplicate. There are four .05s, four .07s and three .09s. This pencil appears to be third in a line of Twist-Eraser pencils by Pentel. The first two were the Twist-Eraser and the Twist-Eraser 3. I like the pencil because is reminds me of the original side clicker from the 70s. You will have to go over to Pencils 11 to see all the original side clickers. I only have 12 of the originals. I like the way these Twist-Eraser Clicks write and I like the colors. Add them all to your collection.

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  1. Where did you pick up the Twist-Eraser Click Pentel Pens? on Pentel's site?