Wednesday, October 14, 2009

German Notebooks

Here we some German notebooks from about 1984. At the time I was living in Kaiserslautern and these notebooks were bought at a large grocery store called Massa and sold at the time for 2.60 DM. The notebooks are graph paper and measure about 3"x6". I had two packs of three. The opened ones do not have any marking on them. Any of you notebook collectors would like one of these just E-mail me at and I will send one out. Only have three notebooks from the open pack. They are about 25 years old. The orange cover with all the info in German is a insert card, I will make a copy of it and send it along. Could this be my first giveaway?Posted by Picasa


  1. It might be your "second" giveaway, for I already got the brush markers, protractor, and ruler you sent me
    They are much appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for the notebook and the protractor, George! It's a great Halloween treat! (Considering that the notebook is orange...)