Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Pentel Ball Pens

Here is another shipment from Sam over at Future; Nostalgic. I had asked for a dozen pentel R-50, ball pens and here they are. These are some of my favorite pens. They have been around for over 40 years but not here in the USA. Your standard office or school pen all over the world. Started in the 70s where I first was introduced to them. They have a cushioned nib, smooth writing rollerball, 0.8 tip that writes a 0.4 mm line, water based ink that writes up to 2,200 meters. I do not ever remember having one run out of ink. The ones on the right have been posted before. They include the R-56 extra-fine point and the pink R-56. May have to do a give-away on one or two of these. These are a must for any Pentel or rollerball collector. Thanks Sam.

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  1. My pleasure George. :) I remember these pens well from growing up, though you don't seem to see them much anymore in UK stationery stores, which is a shame as they were/are great pens. Thanks for another great post.